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I have had a “blog block” the last couple of days. It’s not that things haven’t been going on but I just figured no one would want to hear about them. Since it has been a few days though and I haven’t found some awesome topic to blog about, you get my daily life stuff. Sorry, that’s just what happens when your reading a blog wrote by a very tired and boring mommy.

1. I have to go clean today. The first place has no A/C  and so I am not looking forward to that at all. The place doesn’t usually take me more than two hours though which is the only bright spot. However last month I had the bright idea to put these two cleaning jobs on the same day. So now after I get done with the no A/C place I get to go clean a house. It does have A/C but the sun comes in the front window with the heat intensity of the flames in hell. So it really does no good to me since that’s one of the main rooms I clean. I remember thinking that since the kids were in school it would be nice to do these on the same day and get it over with. I am no longer thinking I was smart in that move. Oh well, it’s only one day I suppose.

2. Family services in my neck of the woods is severely lacking in its attempt to make this transition since hubby lost his job very smooth. It has been a month since filing paperwork and we just got a response yesterday. But, of course, they made yet another mistake and now we have to wait another 7-10 days. It’s seriously a good thing we aren’t starving yet. We would have died of malnutrition a few weeks ago had that been the case. I wonder, if we were unproductive members of society with an insane amount of kids and perhaps on drugs, if they would have been faster in their “services”. I understand there are so many more people needing help these days, but seriously, come on. More people doesn’t justify a month with little to no food.

3. Hubby gets to stay on day shift for another month instead of making the move to midnights with most of the other guys on his shift currently. I am happy he will be around in the evenings but bummed that my reading time is going to be affected again HA. I am not sure why he is staying on days. This could go one of two ways. Either they think he is doing well and they need him on days to help out….OR they just want to keep an eye on him. Apparently he got squashed by a  3600 lb roll of paper the other day. He has a nasty bruise but otherwise is fine. So far though he likes it there I think. Have I mentioned though that it doesn’t matter to me if he likes it…he needs to work and bring home the money…

So that’s mainly what has been going on in my life. Not very interesting huh? Sorry. I read on my cousins blog about a writer that is doing a contest on his page. Write a story about a vampire-alien bunny. If you win out of the entries he gets you get an agent critique. I do not need a critique because I am not a writer (shocking huh), but I thought writing about a vampire-alien bunny sounded kinda fun. Then I remembered, oh yeah I’ve read that book before. It’s called Bunnicula and anything that I wrote would most likely shadow that, so I won’t even bother. I wish my cousin luck. If anyone can write it, I am sure she can. She’s crazy 🙂

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  1. OMG Bunnicula!!! hahahahah LOVE IT!! That sounds a bit more interesting than just a plain ole boring vampire book, which I don’t get into much.. LOL!! Okay enjoyed your “boring” blog and hope your block is gone soon. You always bring a giggle to me, even if you think it is boring. I enjoy reading when I can :))

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