Ruined by Shiloh Walker (Barnes Brothers #4)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Intermix

My Copy: Net Galley

Reviewer: Pam

As one of the Barnes brothers, Sebastien has always felt blessed. Not only does he have an amazing family, but he’s become a Hollywood golden boy who has everything he’s ever wanted—with one exception. He’s had a thing for Marin since he was a kid, but when he finally summons the courage to ask her out, she turns him down. Marin is ready to settle down, she wants commitment and stability, and Sebastien is still too much of a playboy, caught up in the wild life of the spotlight.

Still reeling from the rejection, Sebastien’s luck runs out later that night when he saves a girl from an assault. The shining knight role fits him just fine, but his armor—and his perfect life—become tarnished when the near-deadly attack lands him in the hospital. Physically scarred, he gives up acting and retreats from everybody. If anyone can pull Sebastien back from the abyss, it’s Marin. But first she has to convince him that beauty is not only skin deep…

This is book four in the Barnes Brothers series and Sebastien’s story is as enjoyable as the others. I love this close knit family; you can feel the love and support they have for each other, yes even when they are fighting.

Sebastien is the youngest of the boys in the family, a bit spoiled and many will say he glides through life with ease and a superficial attitude. As a famous young actor, he is enjoying his life. That is until tragedy strikes leaving a good friend dead and his life in turmoil. He retreats to his home, cutting everyone out except the one woman who has stood by him and his family for years.

Marin has been a friend of the Barnes family for years. A fellow actor, Sebastien and her have been at the highs of their career together for several years. She is a few years older than Sebastien and she has watched him travel through life untouched and having the time of his life. There is an unspoken attraction between the two but they have never acted on it as he is a player and she is ready to settle down. When Sebastien is in trouble she is the only one he keeps in contact with, pushing everyone else away. She eventually gets him to be part of the living world again but things change when they share a night together.

This is the fourth book in the series but it can easily be read as a standalone, the family is tight and most are featured during the story, but the author brings the reader up to date and they do not miss a step.

Sebastien’s story is a very emotional tale; the golden boy in Hollywood that can’t seem to do anything wrong and is always getting the next big role until he is in the wrong place at the wrong time and falls down a hole of guilt, loss and remorse, feeling he did not do enough and someone close to him died. He is in a dark place for over a year but he surfaces a few times when his family needs him, showing that he does still care.

I love Marin; she always had a soft spot for Sebastien but knew he was not at the same place in life as she was. The fact that she never gave up on him no matter how nasty he became is truly the test of a great friend. They had a great relationship that smoldered underneath ready to become a sizzling romance if given a chance. The chemistry between the two glows and the scenes together are amazing.

The Barnes family is remarkable; I have read the other stories and enjoyed each one. They truly care for each other but each brother can throw a good punch at times when a fight between is needed to cool hot heads. There is humor and tears as they feel Sebastien’s pain and wish him well as he goes through the months of healing both physically and emotionally. This is an emotional story full of love, laughter and romance.

I give Ruined by Shiloh Walker 4 stars!

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