A Taste of Seduction by Bronwen Evans (The Disgraced Lords #5)

A Taste of Seduction by Bronwen EvansAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Loveswept

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Pam

Lady Evangeline Stuart chose to wed a tyrant with a title, or so society believes. That was five years ago—five long years she could have spent with her first and only love: Lord Hadley Fullerton, the second son of the Duke of Claymore. Now Evangeline is a widow, and her soul cries out for Hadley. But when they see each other at last, everything has changed. The passion in his eyes has been corrupted by betrayal. Somehow Evangeline must regain Hadley’s trust—without revealing the secret that would spoil the seduction.

Hadley is determined not to be distracted by Evangeline. He and the other Libertine Scholars are in pursuit of an enemy who has been striking at them from the shadows, and Evangeline’s mere presence could be dangerous. But with one smile, one touch, one taste of Evangeline’s lips, Hadley’s resolve is overpowered by much more pleasant memories. As the two enter into a discreet affair, Hadley vows to give her his body, never his heart. That she will have to earn.

This series has been a favorite of mine, the overall story arc has suspense, mystery and danger as a women plots revenge against The Libertine Scholars, sons of the men who harmed her.

Evangeline and Hadley were about to get married. They fell in love and despite the fact that he was a second son they planned to elope and live happily together. But before they could enact their plans, she was gone. Hadley only had a letter written by her saying she was marrying another. He was devastated and hurt. He continued through the next five years like a shell of his old self ready to do the bidding of his older brother, marriage to another.

Evangeline only ever wanted one man and when she was kidnapped and compromised into marriage she pinned her hopes on the letters she wrote to Hadley, believing he would come and rescue her, but he never did. When her husband died she wanted answers and went to London to find them.

When they meet again at a dinner party they challenge each other, wanting to know what happened all those years ago. They both believe the worst of each other and the confrontation is heated. As they investigate, trying to piece together the lies they were told, they realize that someone had a hand in Evangeline’s path to marriage, the same someone who is out to get the Libertine Scholars. However they are running out of time and just when they are ready to reveal the mad woman, one of the Scholars goes missing.

I am completely invested in this series and I am looking forward to finding out all the missing pieces and parts. We are so close.

This is book five and each has introduced us to a different Scholar who finds another piece of the puzzle along with finding his true love. And although I have enjoyed each of these stories, they can easily be read as standalones as the author keeps the reader well informed.

I think Evangeline is amazing, I enjoyed her spirit and determination and loved how she came to London for answers and was not going to stop until she got them from Hadley. It was truly heartbreaking that she went through so much pain and suffering at the hands of her mother and husband and thinking that Hadley had forsaken her.

We have met Hadley throughout the series and he made quite an impression. He is a true rake who does not care about himself, yet cares deeply for his Libertine brothers. When Evangeline reappeared, he was torn and they had to work through years of trust issues, not to mention the danger that is closing in on them.

The two together are magical, both are head strong but willing to listen and believe in each other again and I like how they work together. I liked seeing many of the Scholars again along with their loves; I also enjoyed Hadley’s brother but wondered about his story and the outcome, it seemed rushed. I also felt that there was something missing about her mother, she did not want anyone confronting her about what she did all those years ago and it felt unresolved.

We are getting toward the end of the story arc and we are left with one the scholars missing and I can’t wait until the next book is out.

I give A Taste of Seduction by Bronwen Evans 4 stars!

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