Rushing In by Lexi Ryan (The Blackhawk Boys #2)




Title: Rushing In

Series: The Blackhawk Boys #2 

Author: Lexi Ryan

Genre: New Adult

 Release Date: August 30, 2016



The favor seemed simple: Keep my new stepsister out of trouble for one summer.


I’ve never met Grace Lee, but Mom tells me she’s a quiet and artsy college student with a troubled past. When I agreed to let her stay with me, I thought it was no big deal. I expected to share my apartment with a sullen girl who’d spend hours locked in her room.


I didn’t expect a walking fantasy determined to make me lose my cool.


I didn’t expect a woman with secrets so dark, so deep, I’d throw away everything if it would save her from the past.


Rushing in to do this favor is turning my life upside down—and not just because Grace needs her ass spanked. Keep her out of trouble? Grace is the trouble. And I want in.


I have read several of Lexi Ryan’s books and have enjoyed them, but I had not read any of her The Blackhawks Boys books yet. These are standalone books based on interconnecting characters, however, I have not read book 1 and did not feel lost at any point. We get enough background to enjoy this story on its own.

In Rushing In, book 2 in the series, we meet Christopher Montgomery and Grace Lee. Chris has agreed to let Grace stay with him over the summer, at his mom’s request, as their parents plan to spend their summer on their honeymoon overseas. Grace’s dad does not want her to spend it alone in a town that has many dark memories for her.

Though Grace is an adult and capable of taking care of herself, she does not want to stay alone in her hometown in Texas either. Staying with her new stepbrother seems like the perfect

escape. She plans on staying out of his hair, finding a job and just getting through the summer waiting to go back to school in New York. What can go wrong?

Chris and Grace feel an almost instant attraction when they come face-to-face and after a few misunderstandings, they agree to spend the summer together to allow their newly married parents the chance to enjoy their summer. As they spend more time together, Chris’ attraction grows stronger each day, however, as he gets to know Grace, he begins to see she is haunted by her past. He wants her to open up to him, but she is scared to do so.

Grace cannot believe Chris is back in her life. He is a part of the past she is trying to forget, but in this new life, he wants to get to know her and is attracted to her. She does not know how to begin to deal with this. Can she give him a chance with her past still haunting her?

The story follows them spending the summer together, getting to know each other and trying to fight their attraction, until they just can’t. But can they survive her past and the future now threatening Chris?

One of the other things I loved about this story was Chris’ friends. They were so accepting and friendly to Grace and welcomed her with open arms. For the first time she felt accepted and liked for who she was. Their interactions and banters were so entertaining.

I have to admit here, that I have read many stepsibling books when the craze began. I have enjoyed many of the stories out there and have to note the primary focus was the taboo nature of the relationship. In Rushing In, I found this relationship almost secondary. The bigger connection was between the two main characters, their memories and wanting to be there and help each other. I really enjoyed that aspect of the story

I really enjoyed this story and plan on going back and reading book 1, Spinning Out. It was a fun, quick read that had just enough angst and drama to keep us engrossed, but light enough to feel content and happy at the end.

I give Rushing In by Lexi Ryan 4 stars.

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Rushing In Excerpt © 2016 by Lexi Ryan

Chris arches a brow and skims his gaze over my body—correction, my dress and Chucks. “You’re gonna go hiking in that?”

I shrug. “It’s not like it’s full-length and gonna get tangled around my legs or anything.”

His gaze drifts down my body again, this time landing on the thigh visible beneath the hem of my dress. “It’s certainly not,” he mumbles, and the way he says it has my cheeks burning and me reaching for my water.

So damn thirsty.

We finish packing up our lunch together, and after we put the cooler back in the car, I grab the park pamphlet out of the front seat. “Come on,” I say, nodding in the direction of the outlook. “It’s my turn to be in charge.”

The park is beautiful, but as soon as we enter the woods and I see the overlook, my breath catches. From here, we have a view of the ravine below and the creek rushing through the bottom. Mossy rock faces make up the ravine walls, and trees protrude from them. It’s possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I head past the overlook and take the stairs down into the ravine. It’s shady back here and feels ten degrees cooler than our picnic table in the sun.

At the bottom of the stairs, the trail splits in three directions, and when I follow the sign with the three, Chris puts his hand on my arm. “Hey, this one has ladders.”

I arch a brow and drop my gaze to my shoes. “I can handle it.”

Something passes over his face I don’t understand, and then he sighs and nods. “Okay, but I’m climbing the ladders behind you. If any creep is going to be looking up your dress today, it’s gonna be me.”

My cheeks heat, and my brain instantly diagrams his words and starts analyzing the nuance of each. Just comedy or more? Stupid brain. “Fair enough.”

He mutters something that sounds like “Dreams really do come true,” but I can’t be sure.

The trail leads down into the ravine and along the creek bed. It’s so much cooler down here, and I love the sound of the creek rock crunching under my feet as we walk along.

By the time we come upon the first ladder, there’s no one else around.

“Ladies first,” he says, gesturing toward the ladder.

“Pervert,” I mutter, but I move forward and begin my climb. The rungs are coated in mud, and when I’m halfway up, one foot slips and suddenly Chris’s hands are there, holding me steady, his hands strong and warm against the backs of my legs.

My breath catches, and I force myself to breathe and find my footing. The feel of his hands against my skin causes something to swirl hot and tight low in my belly.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice as thick as the forest beyond the trail.

I’m not okay. I’m afraid to move. Afraid not to move. Trapped by a fear that has nothing to do with a slippery ladder and everything to do with falling.

Then, slowly, his thumbs begin to slide over my skin. His hands inch up my thighs until his fingertips skim the bottom edge of my underwear and slip under to trace the bottom curve of my ass.

I cannot breathe.

I force myself to turn my head and look down at him. His jaw is set tight, a picture of self-control, but when his eyes meet mine, his face relaxes and he shoots me a boyish grin. I attempt my best poker face. “Are you copping a feel, Christopher Montgomery?”

His grin goes wide, putting his dimples on full display. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says, his Southern accent drawing out his words. “I’m just trying to perform a necessary rescue mission.”

“Do I look like I need rescuing?” I ask. Under the lace edge of my panties, his thumb strokes again, a long, slow motion that makes me want to close my eyes and moan. I resist and hold his gaze.

“Who said you’re the one I’m rescuing? Maybe I’m trying to save myself.” He drops his hands and grabs a hold of the sides of the ladder, then he climbs up behind me so his body is pressed against mine, my back to his front. His mouth hovers above my ear, his breath hot and uneven. “Because I swear if I have to go much longer without touching you, I’m going to implode.”

His lips skim my earlobe, and my eyes float closed. My brain has no room for sight when it’s overloaded with sensations. His lips on my ear. His hard chest against my back. His breath against my neck. “I need to know, Grace.”

I open my eyes and swallow hard. I don’t want to talk. Not right now. I’m too afraid I’ll ruin this moment with my choppy stutter. “What?”

“I need

to know . . .” He leans his forehead against my shoulder, and I watch his knuckles turn white as he tightens his grip on the side of the ladder.

On the ground beneath us, someone clears his throat. “You two heading up or down?”

Chris mutters a curse and takes a step down so I have the freedom to move. I scramble up the ladder with him behind me. When we reach the top, I can’t look at him.

“Sorry about that,” he calls to the people below, then he grabs my wrist and pulls me off to the right toward a rocky alcove just off the trail. A wooden sign tells me this is “The Devil’s Ice Box,” and beyond the sign, a thin waterfall drizzles into a pool of crystal-clear water. Chris leads the way, following the rocky edge around to the backside of this semi-secluded space and stopping by the waterfall. I pass him, feigning interest in the rocks and water so I don’t have to meet his eyes. There’s a cavern behind the waterfall, a haven from the falling water.

“I have to know,” Chris says, his words nearly drowned out by the falling water. “Is it just me? Everything I feel when you’re close to me? Tell me you feel it too.”


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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of emotional romance that sizzles, Lexi enjoys reading, sunshine, a good glass of wine, and rare trips to the beach.


Lexi lives in Indiana with her husband, two children, and neurotic dog. You can find her at her website:

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