Holiday Sparks by Shannon Stacey (mini review)

*Review by Danielle*

This is my first Shannon Stacey story and I loved it! It was perfect for getting me into the holiday spirit.

Chloe Burke returns to the small Maine town where she grew up to house sit while her parents are on a cruise. After having some electrical problems, she contacts a local electrician, who happens to be a hunky former classmate she can’t remember.

Scott Quinn has always had a crush on Chloe in school, but back then he wasn’t much to look at, and she hung around with the cool kids. Chloe decides to pay him to rewire her parents’ house as a Christmas gift to them. The constant interaction between the two results in an agreement for a no strings attached  fling that will end when Scott finishes the job in three weeks and Chloe’s parents return home to spend Christmas with her.

The gift they ended up giving each other had me saying “awwww”. These two were really just too cute. I was dying for them to finally get together. After the three weeks were up I actually asked out loud, “What will they do?” but of course Shannon Stacey had a plan. Even though Scott prefers his small town life and Chloe prefers her life in Boston, they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.

The passion they feel for each other is phenomenal. Both Chloe and Scott are lovable characters, and so many amusing parts had me grinning. The novella was really good and I wished it was longer. I loved that they were normal people and reading about their love story made me all giddy inside. I mean ten years having a crush and then finally getting the girl. Who could ask for anything more enjoyable. The sparks between them made every page of the book a real pleasure.

The end is incredibly romantic so of course I recommend this book to all those who enjoy holiday themed stories.

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Danielle gives Holiday Sparks 4 stars!

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