Quiver by Jacob Chance (Quake #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance/Suspense

Publisher: Self

My copy: Purchased

Reviewer: Liz

They met under the most unusual circumstances and fell deeply in love. Their relationship thrived, despite all the secrets Kyle kept from Janny. When the sordid details of his betrayal were revealed in the worst way possible, he had to fight to win her back. Now Kyle’s in the battle of his life and the obstacle in their path might be impossible to overcome. Will they continue working together and face the problem head on or… will this be the one thing their love can’t survive?

Quiver by Jacob Chance picked up right where we left off in Quake, after that huge cliffhanger. At the end of Quake, Janny and Kyle had finally found their happiness, but there was one more secret Kyle kept from Janny. A life changing secret. And so the wild ride that is Quiver begins.

This was a fast-paced, suspenseful and much darker book than Quake. From the start, readers are captivated and left wanting to know what happens next.

Janny is devastated by the secret Kyle kept from her. Life for them takes a huge turn she did not see coming. Janny now needs to make decisions and choices that are right for her and her future. But will they include Kyle?

Kyle is now facing challenges he never expected or saw coming. What future will he have? Does it include Janny? He never thought he would find love, but can he hold onto it? But at what cost?

Not only do Janny and Kyle have challenges and obstacles in their path that are unexpected, but what dangers loom ahead of them? Will they see them in time? This time around there were so many unexpected twists and turns and dark undertones that added so much to the story. But not to worry, we still get dominating, alpha Kyle.

The angst was definitely taken to a new level in this book. The emotions were all over the place. Then add in the suspense and you have a book you cannot put down. Jacob Chance gave us a great mix of romance, angst, and suspense. I cannot wait to see what else he gives us.

Quiver by Jacob Chance was a 4-star read for me

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