Porn Star by Zara Cox (Dark Desires #1)

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: Bought

Reviewer: Nikki

My name is Quinn Blackwood:

By day, I’m a billionaire CEO. Rich. Entitled.By night, I’m the exclusive porn star only known as Q.Why? Because I love women. If I believed in an almighty being, I’d thank him for creating them. They’re by far his most perfect creation… especially when I’m fucking one of them.

Oh, did I mention I’m an asshole? Fuck yeah. According to my shrink, I’m one twisted motherfucker. And that’s just the way I like it. Until she walks into my life…

My name is Elyse Gilbert, nicknamed ‘Lucky’ because according to my dad, I’m the unluckiest person alive, and I’ll die the same way I came into the world: naked, screaming, and dirt poor.

Yeah, my life is a twisted, seething mess. But that life changed the day I met HIM. He made me forget the cameras. He made me forget I was doing this for the money. He made me forget my shame. He made me forget everything. I was consumed by him. Only him.

If you’re looking for an unconventional, twisted, dark romance…yeah, I’ve found it for you. Porn Star is the first book I’ve read by Zara Cox, but I guarantee it will not be my last. This one had me turning the pages way later into the night than I care to admit just to find out what happens as the sexual crescendo built to its breaking point.

Quinn is a grade A asshole. He pays his women well and they get pleasure in return, but no emotions. Ever. His end game is one borne of revenge and nothing is going to stand in the way of bringing those people down he holds responsible for his past. When he hires Lucky to play the last part in his “porn” he instantly knows she’s different, special in a way he’s never encountered. Their elaborate sexual games play out for the cameras but he keeps himself shrouded in mystery with a voice changer, a mask and a blindfold.

Elly is on the run. She’s a whore by necessity and also unfortunately by trade. It’s all she’s lived for the last several years. Certainly not by choice. The payday the mystery man is offering for sex on screen can buy her life and perhaps the freedom of someone dear to her. She figures it’s just another payday. A means to an end. Then she meets the mystery man and everything changes. His robotic voice and his sexual needs do something to a part of her she’s rather not acknowledge. Feelings grow, needs change and all of a sudden Elly finds herself craving the attention of two very similar but strikingly different men.

Talk about a total mind fuck of a book. Porn Star had me equal parts cursing Quinn/Q and swooning over the rare glimpses of emotion he let through. It took quite a while for me to understand exactly what was playing out in this one and until then I teetered on a love/hate edge with him. His backstory is twisty, dark and got increasingly sad as I kept reading. The man he has become, the one hell bent on revenge, borders on being sociopathic at times. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound sexy at all. Just trust me…it works.

If I felt bad for Quinn/Q, my thoughts on Elly/Lucky were double that. The woman had been basically shackled into life at a whorehouse by her own father. Her desperation leads to a dead body, a burning building and stolen secrets. On the run from someone who seems to have unlimited resources, she’s hoping the million dollar payout offered by Q will be enough to buy her freedom. All she has to do is have sex on film with the masked man on film. The shame that comes with the job is something she deals with as gracefully as one can who has no other options. Her guilt on enjoying the encounters becomes a central theme throughout. She’s never had someone attend to her needs. Sex before was always for the clients needs yet Q gives her more pleasure than she ever thought herself capable of feeling, regardless of the cameras being present.

A chance meeting with a billionaire CEO gives Elly yet another thing to be conflicted over. The CEO, Quinn entrances her and makes her crave the ability to be a normal woman, one who might be able to help him break free of the shackles she’s sure he wears.  Unbeknownst to her the two men she’s falling for are the exact same man. Quinn/Q plays his roles well, but he never expects the line to get blurred between fantasy, reality and revenge. By the time he realizes what is happening, the game is already in motion, the revenge is set and Lucky/Elyse is going to be collateral damage in what he thought would be his shining end game.

A page turner until the very end. Shockingly erotic, dark and tumultuous, Porn Star will test your boundaries as a reader, and you’ll love every minute of it!

I give Porn Star by Zara Cox 5 stars! 

**originally self pubbed under the title “I, Porn Star”**




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