Not Quite Perfect by Catherine Bybee (Not Quite #5)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Mary Kildare knows how to read people. It’s both why she makes a great therapist and why she refuses to trust the average bachelor. Staying fiercely independent has been her primary relationship strategy—until wealthy playboy pilot (and commitment phobe) Glen Fairchild reappears in her life. After a yearlong teasing tug-of-war, Mary and Glen test the waters of attraction, only to find that their physical chemistry runs deeper than flirtation.

At first, a bicoastal romance suits them both—especially since Glen can swoop in and whisk Mary away on one of his company’s planes. But no matter how close they get, they’re still three thousand miles apart. And when Mary’s life is threatened, Glen realizes the one luxury he doesn’t have is time. Can he close the distance between them before it’s too late?

I adore anything Ms. Bybee writes and this was no exception. The characters are engaging and the dialog witty and fun, and the slow build-up of romance between the hero and heroine is well worth the wait.

Mary and Glen met a year ago and although they exchanged numbers, they never contacted each other. However when Mary needs help finding someone, she calls him as a last resort, and he is intrigued when he finds out she had memorized his number.

Mary grew up as an orphan and is a bit leery when adding friends to her circle because she considers them family. When she met Glen a year ago she immediately identifies him as a player and stays as far away as possible even though she is interested. Helping her keep her distance is the fact he lives clear across the country and they rarely saw each other.

Glen is a pilot and CFO of a worldwide charter company and fully admits to being a player but his sister believes in him and as I got to know him, I developed a soft spot for him as well. He connects well with people and really cares for his family and friends. When he meets Mary again he is willing to reevaluates his ways, questioning his phobia for commitment. And when Mary is in trouble he knows that he can’t live without her.

This is another winner for Ms. Bybee. This is the fifth book in the series and although many characters are those we have met before, it can easily be read as a standalone; the author keeps both new and returning readers fully engaged.

Mary is very likable; she is a giver and wants to help others. She is a therapist and often takes her work home with her as she councils others through their problems. When she first met Glen she was attracted and often thought of him, even memorizing his phone number when she lost most of her contacts, however she will deny it if asked. As Glen flies from his home to see her, she starts to see the real Glen, not the person others perceive.

Glen is a great hero; although he enjoys jetting off to places unknown and is seen with many women, he likes when Mary contacts him and wants to get to know her more. The sexual tension between them is palpable and I enjoyed several humorous situations when their friends and family see the connection that these two just can’t seem to catch on to, but oh boy the scenes sizzle when they finally connect.

The pace is done well; the romance builds slowly which works with these two. Rounding out the romance is a bit of danger and mystery because of a client of Mary’s, and Ms. Bybee joins everything together nicely. I loved several of the secondary characters we reconnect with and are introduced to; Mary’s best friend and Sister Mary Frances added so much to the story. All in all a truly enjoyable romance, Ms. Bybee writes stories with depth and compassion and I look forward to reading anything she writes.

I give Not Quite Perfect by Catherine Bybee 4.25 stars!

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New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Catherine Bybee was raised in Washington State, but after graduating high school, she moved to Southern California in hopes of becoming a movie star. After growing bored with waiting tables, she returned to school and became a registered nurse, spending most of her career in urban emergency rooms. She now writes full-time and has penned the Weekday Brides Series and the Not Quite Series. Bybee lives with her two teenage sons in Southern California.



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