Loving Amber by Roya Carmen (Riverstone Estate #1)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

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Reviewer: Liz

Torn by tragedy. Reunited by love. Two years ago, I lost my husband and my brother to the same tragedy. To this day, I hold only one person responsible—Aiden Rogers, the beautiful boy I’ve known forever, the misfit I’ve both loved and hated, the one who always got to me. As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one to blame. Now he wants to be part of my life again—when I can finally see a future for my son and myself. I’ve found the perfect man in David, someone I can start over with, a man who will be the perfect father figure for Trevor. I have a plan. At last, I see the light, and I know I can make this work. I will not let Aiden Rogers drag me back into the darkness.

Author’s note: contains sexual scenes and some coarse language. This is the first book of the Riverstone Estate Series and can be enjoyed as a standalone read.

*** The Riverstone Estate Series: A beautiful estate. Three unforgettable love stories. Following the sudden passing of their father, Amber, Ruby, and Flynn Riverstone inherit the family estate and find themselves facing new challenges, growing closer, and discovering love along the way.

This book had so many feels. My heart broke over and over again. Roya Carmen knows all about feels and angst in her novels!

Loving Amber is a second chance at love story with a twist of the forbidden. Two years ago Amber lost her brother and her husband in a terrible accident. For those two years she blamed Aiden Rogers, because somebody had to be held accountable, right?

Torn by the tragedy in her life and her son, Trevor, to think about, Amber set herself on a certain path she felt certain was the right one. She needed safety, stability and direction in her life. She was scared to feel. To love. To lose so much again. In that fear, she shut everyone out and barely lived. And now part of her past was busting down her well-guarded walls without her permission.

Aiden Rogers had loved one woman all his life. The one woman he could never have or be good enough for. So he moved on as best he could. Thinking he finally had his future laid out for him, one tragedy tears his world and that of the woman he loves upside down. She blames him. He blames himself. Not the same man he once was, he is hurting and broken.

Then one day their worlds collide again. Even as he begins to see he can be just what Amber and Trevor may need for their future, all she sees are his mistakes and who he once was. Struggling to show her all that he can now be, she keeps pushing him away and hurting him over and over again. How much can one man take?

Amber was very frustrating. She would not admit her feelings or attraction and struggled with what she really wanted versus what she thought she should have and provide for her son. I know many will not like her, but this woman has lost so much and was just so afraid to move forward and follow her heart. Could she stand to lose so much again? She was terrified and in turn, held so much in. Even as she finally wanted to move forward.

Aiden. What can I say about him? My heart broke over and over again for him. At times Amber was downright cruel to him. He loved her so much, he did not know how to walk away, but also, had no idea how to show her all they could be. He was at times so sweet and caring. He understood where she was coming from, even as it cut him to pieces. Even when he reached his limit, he would be there for her over and over.

The angst level in this one was very high and lasted through most of the book. It’s will hurt your heart. But the story is so well written, even as you want to murder Amber, you see and understand where she is coming from. You just have to know how it will all end. There are a few moments that will take you by surprise, but flow well and again, you will not want to put this down.

Overall a great second chance at love story, with angst and a bit of the forbidden we know Roya does so well! Looking forward to the next book.

Loving Amber by Roya Carmen was a 4-star angst filled read for me!


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