Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin (Magnolia Brides #3)

picture-perfect-wedding-by-lynnette-austinAvailable: November 1, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim

One mistake can change everything…forever Beck Elliot and Tansy Calhoun were inseparable-until Tansy left Misty Bottoms, Georgia, promising to come back after she finished school. Beck stayed behind to save the family business, dreaming of the day when Tansy would return. Instead, his trust and his heart were broken when she inexplicably married another man and bore his child.

Five years later, Tansy comes home, a sadder and wiser woman. Despite his anger, Beck finds it hard to avoid her and her adorable little daughter-especially with all the busybodies of Misty Bottoms going out of their way to throw him and Tansy together, hoping a lingering spark will reignite their enduring flame…

This is the story of Beck Elliot and Tansy Calhoun, two high school sweethearts whom had everything they ever wanted and needed in each other. Until one of them makes the biggest mistake of their life.

Tansy Calhoun went off to college with the promise of coming back to her high school sweetheart, Beck Elliot. Unfortunately, poor choices after the death of her father left her drunk and then pregnant. She married the baby’s father which led to an unfortunate and heartbreaking marriage.

Tansy is a beautiful lady, both inside and out. She is a remarkable mother who does everything to provide the best for her daughter, Gracie, including moving back to her hometown. Tansy came home almost penniless to try to provide her daughter with the kind of love she had growing up. However, moving back home and trying to move on with life means running into Beck on an almost daily basis.

Beck Elliot is a good, caring and loving man, who had his heart shattered by the love of his life. More than five years have passed since Tansy broke Beck’s heart and he is still so very angry with her. He doesn’t understand what Tansy was thinking when she got pregnant and married without even a word to him. Beck thinks Tansy is back to rub it all her money and that precious child he thought one day would be his in his face. What he doesn’t know is that Tansy is just trying to make a life for her daughter and make peace with Beck.

This was a cute story on how Beck and Tansy have to learn to come to terms with their past and move on with their lives, with or without each other. This book really is about forgiveness, learning to appreciate life and making sacrifices for the ones you love. And when the entire town is behind trying to get you and your ex-boyfriend back together, something is bound to happen. This was a cute and quick read. I have not read any of the other books in the series but will add it to my TBR.

I give Picture Perfect Wedding by Lynnette Austin 4 stars!

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