The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

Let me count the ways why falling into forbidden love is not my wisest move…

1. She works with me every single day.

Did I mention she’s gorgeous, sweet, kind and smart?

2. She works in my home.

Playing with my five-year-old daughter. Teaching my little girl. Cooking for my princess. Which means…

3. She’s the nanny.

And that makes her completely off-limits… But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her. All of her.


The other nannies in this city don’t call him the Sexy One for nothing. My boss, the amazingly wonderful single father to the girl I take care of every day is ridiculously hot, like movie star levels with those arms, and those eyes, and that body. Not to mention, the way he dotes on his little girl melts me all over. But what really makes my knees weak are the times when his gaze lingers on me. In secret. When no one else is around.

I can’t risk my job for a chance at something more… can I? But I don’t know how to resist him much longer either…

Yes! Yes! Yes! God bless Lauren Blakely! Lauren can combine a sweet, quick and sexy story like it’s nobody’s business! Simon, the single dad, is about to steal your heart!

Simon is a single father who is quite possibly the best dad in the entire world (next to my husband, of course). Simon does absolutely everything with the intent of being accessible to his daughter. This even includes being cordial with his ex, who cheated on him, to make life easy for his little girl. And if that doesn’t make him swoon worthy, I don’t know what will!

Abby is the nanny. The hot, young nanny who Simon just can’t get enough of. Abby thoroughly enjoys her job and takes it very serious, which is why she knows that a relationship with the man that has absolutely captured her heart won’t work. She knows what everyone will say about the Sexy One and his nanny!

Abby and Simon work together incredibly well as a team. The both know what they shouldn’t do..but that doesn’t mean they will listen. The attraction between them is amazing. Lauren never ceases to amaze me in the way she can just bring you right into the every step of the relationship and feel exactly what the couple is going through.

I enjoyed this story as it was a quick, romantic, and amazingly sexy read with no drama to it. Sure there are a few conflicts, but it didn’t have the angst that most stories do. If you are looking for a lovely, entertaining book that you can read in an afternoon, this is the one to read.

Bring on the next Lauren Blakely hottie!

I give The Sexy One by Lauren Blakely five stars!

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