Uncontrollable by Shannon Richard (Country Roads #6)

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Type: Contemporary / NA

Publisher: Forever Yours

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim


It’s been a tough year for Beth Boone. She’s lost the person she cared about the most: her big sister. But Beth isn’t grieving alone. She’s now guardian to her sister’s three children and though she loves them fiercely, so far she’s not exactly winning at parenting. In this noisy, peanut-butter-everywhere chaos, there is no calm. None. So Beth has zero patience with the infuriating guy next door-not to mention his destruct-o “puppy”-wreaking more havoc in her life.

Except that Tripp Black is all muscles, deep brown eyes, and lips that promise way-too-delicious things. Every time Tripp and Beth confront each other, there’s an undercurrent of red-hot sexual tension, one that threatens to break down all her carefully constructed walls. She’s been burned before, and Tripp is a self-proclaimed bachelor for life. There’s no way that Beth’s too-hot-neighbor-from-hell could ever be the man for her-until their uncontrollable attraction becomes so much more . . .

Beth Boone is having a very rough year. She had to leave her home in Florida and is now the legal guardian of her nephew and two nieces after their parents die in a car accident. After this life altering event, her boyfriend then decides life with three kids is just not something he wants and leaves Beth. Life is just plain complicated for Beth and her neighbor Tripp’s dog has just pushed her over the edge.

Tripp Black is the town fire chief and a hot one at that! Trying to sleep after a long few days, his crazy neighbor Beth, comes banging on the door to confront his about his dog Duke. There is most definitely tension until Beth is clued in to exactly what Tripp has been dealing with as of late. A few baked goods make amends but everything changes between the two of them when Beth’s nephew is in trouble.

“Every time you touch me, or comfort me, I feel like I’m going to lose it.”

Beth and Tripp will steal your heart. Their relationship is not without issues but they work together to get thru it. Beth is amazing with the kids, giving them her all, although her 17 year old niece gives her nothing but trouble. Tripp also makes himself available to the kids and they become a family until a car accident throws everything for a loop. Can Beth and Tripp figure out how to make their relationship work? Can they be a family once again?

Uncontrollable is a fantastic story! I adored the characters, the plot and the emotions in this book. This is not a book about sex (although it was very HOT) but a book about a relationship between a man, a woman, and all the “baggage” that comes with her. The secondary characters were outstanding also. It really shows you that friends can become family.

Uncontrollable is book #6 in the series and can be read as a stand alone. I have never read Ms. Richard before but I will most definitely be adding all of the books in the Country Roads series to my TBR!

I give Uncontrollable (Country Roads #6) by Shannon Richard 4 stars!

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