The Exposure by Tara Sue Me (Submissive #9)

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

She’s ready for her close-up. . . .
Meagan Bishop gave up modeling after an ill-fated tryst with a sexy photographer left her career and heart in shambles. When that same sexy shutterbug makes a titillating offer to do a BDSM spread for his new photography book, she’s determined to refuse—until an anonymous blackmailer entices her to accept. Now her body is again at the whim of the man who broke her heart, and she’s finding his strong direction undeniably intriguing. . . .
Meagan is the muse Luke needs to make his shoot something special, even if it means keeping his hands off. But each new erotic scene they capture makes it harder  to ignore his need to command her in the bedroom as well as the studio.
As their sexual tension explodes, Meagan’s arrangement with her extortionist becomes more perilous, putting in danger her darkest secrets and the fragile passion between Luke and her. . .

The Exposure is book nine in Tara Sue Me’s erotic romance series, Submissive. By now in most series I’ve lost interest in the premise yet with this series I keep coming back for more. Maybe this is because the story line manages to stay the same yet vary widely from book to book. The author keeps reinventing the books with new characters, each bringing a steamy story to the mix while still delivering the core love story.

Meagan is many things in life, a successful businesswoman, a friend, a boss, an ex model, a submissive and a dominant depending on her mood. Yet she feels unfulfilled and has no idea what is missing. She seemingly has it all already. When Luke, a photographer from her past, bursts back into her life with an idea to revisit her modeling career she’s quick to shut him down. He’s the one who got away, the one who showed her the beauty in submission, the heart who broke her heart. His persistence seems intent on a lot more than simply securing her to model for his erotic photography book, he seems to want to secure her heart as well.

Years ago Luke made a very bad decision. He walked away from Meagan. Now she’s back in his life and he’s determined to convince her to stay with him. His success in the photography world and as a business owner has led to the realization that he’s missing something the rest of his friends have already found, a partner. The sweet gift of submission from the one who got away is something he’ll have to fight for because he’s not the only one who has Meagan in their line cross-hairs.

I really enjoyed the storyline The Exposure presented me with. Meagan was a complex character, both submissive and dominant who sparkled on the page as a woman who craved life yet had a hard time achieving her true desires. Be that in the BDSM world or in her personal life. Her true contentment may have come in submission but the only man to get her there was Luke, With Luke she could breathe easier and get out of her own way in other aspects of her life too. She felt free and able to think clearly on what her goals should ultimately be and how she wasn’t content in other areas of her life either.

Luke was your typical dominant man, short on patience, demanding and unbending. Yet when this should have annoyed me, I craved it. Loved it like Meagan most certainly did. He knew upfront the mistake he’d made letting her go the first time around and made amends accordingly this time. He didn’t make mistake after mistake until he finally got it. He knew his grievance, he set out to amend it. His talent as a photographer took a backseat to his need to make sure Meagan was taken care of.

The usage of photography is always a page scorcher for me. I love the idea of seeing life differently through a lens and felt the heat between the two flare brighter each time Luke picked up his camera. The subtle nuances that a camera can capture truly depict the person it’s trained on. The beauty in a snapshot can forever be admired and the feeling it evokes forever be felt each time someone sees it.

The only thing about this book I had an issue with was the build up throughout to who seemed to be stalking Meagan and making heinous threats against her. They built as the book progressed but I was a bit let down as to how it all ended. I wanted it to be more than it was… For that reason I dropped the rating a star. Otherwise The Exposure had everything I craved in an erotic romance.

I give The Exposure by Tara Sue Me 3.50 stars! 

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