1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a do over

This week is coming quickly to a close…I would like to request a do-over right now. I have spent more time on the phone this week than any normal or sane person should have to. I have suffered through enough Muzak on hold for various companies. At one point I actually heard “California Love” on Muzak…really?  Tu Pac was never meant to be instrumental. At one point, after I had been on hold for one company for over an hour, I started contemplating how I could off myself. Because, honestly, at that point it seemed like an easier solution to the problem. I wouldn’t have to worry about insurance, food, bills and anything else if I was dead right?

So the job and family services screw up continued this week. I found that little ditty out when I went to pick up my son’s prescription. Apparently no one took out our old insurance before putting us on state insurance. You would think it would be pretty straight forward. Hubby loses job, he also loses insurance. However it did not work that way. So they left it in there and the state insurance wouldn’t pay because it showed we still had private insurance. I spent the better part of my day yesterday trying to figure it out and how to fix it in 2 days. I even got to speak to the elusive supervisor for J&F services. This is almost equivalent to seeing a TRex walk through my backyard. She swears it will be straightened out by tomorrow. I will believe it when I see it.

Cleaning an apartment this week. Its gross. I am pretty sure they did not clean the entire time they lived there. There are one inch dust buildups along the base of all the walls. The toilet has questionable stains and an iron ring that is unrivaled to any I have seen yet. I do not understand how people can live like that. Seriously, I start freaking out if a piece of lint hits my floor. that is the undiagnosed OCD talking though I am sure. I should be able to finish this one tomorrow but after that, who knows. I think everything is all caught up. Hours are scarce apparently and so if something doesn’t give soon…*sigh*…

I declare a do over.. right here and right now. Maybe I should up the stakes and just declare a life do over….

*on an after note..I have wrote this blog three times now. Once the damn computer froze before it saved and twice it has decided to just delete things. I am about ready to throw it out my bedroom window. If this post seems a little psychotic its only because each time I re-write it I get more and more mad. I keep having Office Space moments where I picture myself taking it out into a field and beating it with a bat*

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  1. LOL!!! You sound like me and my computer, wanting to beat it into oblivion!! Sorry you are having such a rough time Nikki and hope that soon things will get better for you! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.. Love ya girl!! Lara O.. :))

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