Hollywood Prince by Kim Karr

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

Brooklyn James should know better.
Born into Hollywood royalty, the brooding prince has a reputation as being a player. A manwhore. A womanizer.
Adoring fans are his thing.
His best friend’s little sister is not.
Even thinking about her the way he is isn’t cool.
Not cool at all.
And yet every time she pouts those sexy lips at him, she turns him inside out. Makes him harder than he’s ever been. Drives him to the brink of insanity.

Amelia Waters has always idolized her big brother, and the last thing she wants to do is disappoint him.
Falling for her brother’s ex-roommate is off-limits.
She knows this, but she can’t help herself.
The way Brooklyn looks at her with those smoldering blue eyes makes her wet in an instant. Turns her into a shivering, shaking mess of sexual frustration. And soon the idea of spreading her legs for him is the only thing she can think about.

She wants him.
He wants her.

When they finally decide to give in to their insane attraction, they agree it will remain between them. That their illicit affair will be short-term. No strings. No baggage. No messy ending.

But when the first night of mind-blowing sex leads to another, and another still, how long can the endless hookups go on before Amelia’s brother finds out? Or worse yet, before feelings develop?

Brooklyn and Amelia know they need to walk away from each other before either of those things happens.

The problem is doing it.

Talk about a mess.


Amelia Waters is looking for her own personal fairy tale right along with Prince Charming or her Mr. Right. Amelia is constantly doing what she needs to please her family and most importantly, her father. Working in the family business in New York is what she has to do but yet dreams of being a photographer. Amelia is considered the princess by her family, the girl who always does what is right. Well now Miss Little Right wants to be oh so bad.

Out on a blind date set up by Amelia’s best friend, Carter, she meets Landon Reese who quite possibly can be her Mr. Right. Yet, on that blind date, she finds out the most horrific news about her father and runs off to Laguna Beach to talk with her older brother Cam.

Brooklyn James is a manwhore or better known as the pantydropper. He is an ex-reality T.V. hunk and currently a lifeguard/screen writer who just so happens to be the son of Hollywood Royalty. Brooklyn doesn’t do relationships or love.

But when Cam’s neighbor and best friend finds Amelia on her brother’s doorstep, drunk out of her mind, just what is Brooklyn to do? He’s known Amelia for years, hell, he even pretend married her when they were kids.

There is an instant spark between Amelia and Brooklyn but they both know what a bad idea it is. Amelia wants to get down and dirty with the bad boy who has cleaned up his act. Brooklyn tries to keep her at arm’s length until they both can’t resist temptation. An uncomplicated, sex only relationship is the plan for both of them. But I’m sure you know just how well that will turn out….especially when Landon isn’t really out of the picture.

“Am I willing to give up someone who could be my Mr. Right for Mr. Oh So Wrong?”

The chemistry between Amelia and Brooklyn is out of this world! They mesh so well together and quickly you see the relationship starting and how they become completely addicted to each other. The sex scenes…oh my, can Kim Karr write sex scenes!! Get it girl!! The name pantydropper describes Brooklyn perfectly 😉

In the end, Amelia finally got what she wanted. Freedom from being the “princess” of her family, the choice to make her career what she wants it to be and lastly, her prince. In fact, she got two. Now she just has to decide between Mr. Right and who she feels is Mr. Oh So Wrong. But is Mr. Oh So Wrong really that wrong for her? Is Mr. Right safer? When life throws Amelia a curve-ball, who will she choose? Or does she get to choose at all?

I just started reading Kim Karr’s books last year when I read Bedwrecker (another HOT book, check it out). I love Keen…I REALLY love Keen. I’ve got to tell you though, Brooklyn has totally outdone Keen in my opinion.

I absolutely loved Hollywood Prince! This story of friends to lovers was amazing and so much more than what I expected. I don’t want to give anything away but the scenes in the strip club??? OH MY LORD! I used to go with my husband when we were younger…we may just be taking a trip again sometime soon 😉 And can we just talk about that cover?!?! Holy Hotness!!

Hollywood Prince can be read as a stand alone although I highly recommend reading the stories of Cam and Makayla (No Pants Required), and Keen and Maggie (Bedwrecker).

Friends to lovers stories have now become a favorite of mine. Hollywood Prince is a great way to start off 2017! I look forward to all Ms. Karr has in store for us this year!

I give Hollywood Prince by Kim Karr 5 stars!!

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