Married at Midnight by Gerri Russell

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim

Ellie Hawthorne’s event-planning business desperately needs a jolt of life. Determined to drum up leads, she heads to Las Vegas for a trade conference—and has one too many shots of tequila. The next morning, Ellie wakes up with a ring on her finger and next to the last person she expected to see again: Connor Grayson, the high-school boyfriend who broke her heart.

Connor is in Vegas to secure funds for his self-driving car project. He’s as shocked as Ellie is by their accidental marriage. But when he finds out that his beloved grandmother Viola has suffered a heart attack, he begs Ellie to keep up the charade—just until Viola recovers.

Neither of them could have guessed what Viola has planned. And Ellie starts to think that maybe she got luckier in Vegas than she could have ever imagined. With a little help from Viola and four elderly Elvis impersonators, can these former sweethearts find lasting love?

Lately, I’ve been trying to get into the whole married by mistake/love in Vegas stories. To this date, I’ve only read one of those stories that I have truly loved. I saw Married by Midnight on Net Galley and loved the blurb! Exactly what I was looking for and Gerri Russell is a new author to me so I thought I’d give it a try.

Ellie Hawthorne is in Vegas trying to revive her failing event planning career. One to many tequilas later she wakes up in bed with some strange man. Actually, it turns out to be someone she knows very well, her high school ex-boyfriend Connor Grayson. To top it all off, they were married at an Elvis wedding chapel.

Connor Grayson is just as confused as Ellie when he wakes up. However, things take a quick change when he receives a phone call that his grandmother is in the hospital. Connor’s grandmother has a dying wish to see her grandson married. Reality is, even though neither of them remembers, Ellie and Connor are married. Connor asks Ellie to keep up the ruse and stay married just until his grandmother leaves the hospital.

The story was great right up until that point. Once the meddling grandmother is brought in and the four Elvis impersonators, I lost interest. If it would have continued with two people falling back in love with each other and the grandmother would have not been butting in, I think the story would have been different for me. I was really put off that these two very intelligent human beings NEVER put two and two together to figure out that someone was trying to force them to be together. And the Elvis impersonators? The author totally lost me on that one.

The one thing I did enjoy was the little twist at the end. That was a surprise and I never saw it coming. All and all, I enjoyed the beginning and the end of this book but feel the storyline should have gone differently.

I give Married at Midnight by Gerri Russell 2 stars

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