Flash Of Fury by Lea Griffith (Endgame Ops #1)

Available: March 17th 2017 Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Sourcebooks

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Their spark is immediate

Kingston McNally lost men when someone betrayed his team, and now he’s out for retribution. His quest for the enemy’s courier leads him to Cameroon and Allie Redding, a petite Peace Corps volunteer as stubborn as she is brave. Their attraction is immediate, but Allie has secrets of her own…and she’s not giving them up easily.

But their secrets could burn them both

Allie’s life has been spent hiding in plain sight, but she’s had enough of her cloak-and-dagger existence. On her way home, her plane is hijacked-and King saves her life. But that doesn’t mean she owes him anything…even if he is the most damnably sexy man she’s ever laid eyes on. He’s got black ops and secrets written all over him, and trust is a two-way street.

Flash of Fury has got to be one of the best, first in a new series, black ops books, I’ve read in a very long time. Not since I picked up Maya Banks KGI series have I ever been so riveted by a military based romance. Lea Griffith has most definitely outdone herself with this one.

King and his men live under the gray cloak of black ops. They do not exist in any sort of official capacity, and it’s very important they stay that way. Having been betrayed by the very people who employed him, King has learned the hard way not to trust anyone associated with the government. Saving a woman from a hijacked plane may be his job, but the surge of protectiveness he instantly feels definitely is not. Especially since this particular woman may be the key to unlocking his own betrayal filled past.

Allie may not be a part of secret government group, but that doesn’t mean she can’t protect herself. Her daddy made sure of that. She never planned on living out the very situations her father drilled into her head for years. Yet, now she is, except she has the very sexy King at her side. He thinks she’s keeping things from him, and maybe she is, but the truth isn’t something she can, or will, part with. No matter how good his hands feel on her body.

Damn. This book was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Seriously, from the first page until the last word, it sizzled and pulsed with electricity between the characters. It was well paced, King and Allie were amazingly lush and there was action in spades. It gave me every single thing I want in a romantic suspense.

The relationship between Allie and King grew throughout the book, just like I love, but the interactions between them is what I found the most delightful. King was very stoic and grumpy while Allie was the exact opposite. She was warm, and funny and even though she didn’t want to admit it, completely out of her element. Watching the push and pull between them as Allie grated on Kings nerves just as much as she turned him on, was damn good reading. I found myself chuckling at his resistance because, lets face it, it was futile. When his soft side emerged, even for fleeting moments, I sighed with contentment.

King’s brothers in arms are a vastly different group who all intrigue me in different ways. Especially those who were labeled as traitors who may or may not actually be working with the bad guys.  Because in this world, nothing is ever what it seems and everyone has secrets. Secrets which could lead to being deep undercover in a world not of your choosing for years. That kind of dedication to the cause is unfathomable to me, yet I think that may be where this series is headed in the long run.

The complexity of the groundwork Griffith has laid in this book only promises to get better as the series progresses. There are sure to be even more twists and turns ahead and I can’t wait to read them all. I can wholeheartedly recommend this one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I give Flash of Fury by Lea Griffith 5 stars!

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