Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey (Art of Passion #3)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim


Lexie Bellamy can handle a boardroom. Relationships, however, are a minefield that always blow up. When a business trip takes her to Spain, Lexie knows she’ll have no problem closing the deal. But spending uninterrupted one-on-one time with her crazy-hot coworker might be more than she can take.

At the office, Lexie gets to call the shots. But this trip is the perfect opportunity for Dane Huntley to show his gorgeous boss how good it can feel when someone else takes charge…

Miles away from home, giving in to Dane’s naughty commands feels so easy. But when the trip is over, Lexie’s determined to go back to their professional relationship. Dane, though, has other ideas. He’ll have to prove that what they’ve found together is real… and he has no intention of letting go.

Jeanette Grey is a somewhat new author to me. I just recently read Let It Snow and am glad to read yet another great story!!

Lexie Bellamy is the definition of a strong, independent boss lady. She’s extremely smart and has so much going on trying to have control and prove her worth, Lexie hasn’t just let go in some time. She is bound and determined to show her brother that she is perfectly capable of running their company.

Dane Huntley is an extreme thrill seeker trying to mask the pain of losing his brother. Dane is playing work life safe for his mother, working as Lexie’s assistant even though the corporate world is just not for him. Dane knows Lexie desperately needs to lose control and he wants to be the one to show her how. But how exactly do you get your boss to explore the BDSM lifestyle with you?

Nine Kinds of Naughty was EXACTLY that…so very naughty. Lexie and Dane are both strong characters who try to keep their vulnerability close to the vest. Their chemistry, in and out of the bedroom, is very sexy. Now, there is A LOT of BDSM which I thought might make me a little uncomfortable (it’s just not my thing) but I feel that the storyline was done very tastefully. I kind honestly say that Jeanette Grey has changed my mind about the BDSM storyline. I loved the fact that Lexie was the boss and that Dane was the assistant out in the professional world. Yet in private, Lexie was the one doing the submitting. The role switching really peaked my interest and made the story very appealing to me.

Though there is A LOT of sex, I enjoyed watching Dane and Lexie build their relationship based on trust. I loved how it evolved into something more and how Lexie learned to let go.

There are two other books in the Art of Passion Series which do not have to be read to follow this book. However, I will definitely be checking the rest of the series out!

This is one of the most sensual, sexy and irresistible romances that I have read to date. I could not put it down and finished it in an afternoon!

I give Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey 4 stars!

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