Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan (Haven Brotherhood #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Carina 

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Zeke Dugan is not a man who walks the straight and narrow. He may have sworn an oath as a trauma doc, but he has zero problem leveraging his medical skills outside a hospital if it means giving the Brotherhood—the group of men he calls family—an advantage. Blood before business. All that changes when shy Gabrielle stumbles into his life and ignites his protective instincts.

Mechanic Gabrielle Parker prefers the complexities of an engine over men. Her life wasn’t always quiet and well-ordered, but now that it is, she finds peace in the solitude. When a robbery in her neighborhood forces her out of her safe bubble, she never fathoms that a dangerous, cocky trauma doctor will fix more than her injuries.

Zeke doesn’t play by the rules that Gabrielle follows but knows that he’s exactly what she needs in her life. He’ll show her the fierce and uncompromising protection that comes from belonging to a man like him.

When tension outside the Brotherhood threatens Gabrielle, Zeke will do anything to keep her safe, and damn the consequences. No one will hurt his woman, even if it means putting the very men who saved his life at risk.

After my undying affection for book one in this series, Rough & Tumble, I was just a bit skeptical if Morgan would be able to keep up the adrenaline in book two.  I am happy to report I really enjoyed this one too and will be eagerly awaiting book three to see just where Morgan intends these characters to go.

What I loved most about Wild & Sweet was Gabrielle. What isn’t there to love about a heroine who is a mechanic? I absolutely love when an author has a heroine who is as competent and unorthodox as Gabrielle. Sure, she had her faults to overcome, but who doesn’t? And it would have been a boring story if she was perfect. I saw a lot of myself in her, and I think that’s what drew me to her as a character. She has a hard time with lots of people and because of that she seems bitchy or standoffish, but in reality she just can’t process those situations and tends to withdraw into herself.

Gabrielle and Zeke together was just good reading. They lit the pages on fire with their attraction and their back and forth. Gabrielle is a headstrong woman and she’s leary of her own brother joining this group of misfit men (as she sees them). She’s protective and doesn’t understand his need to be accepted by them. Yet as much time as she spends denying her brother that need, the more she grew to need Zeke.

Oh Zeke…caught between the woman he loves, who seemed to shy away from his brotherhood, and the men he calls brothers. A rough, motorcycle riding, leather wearing, ER doc. Talk about shattering all expectations. In book one we had a lawyer, and now a doctor. I absolutely adore the men in this series! Zeke was no exception. He’s loyal and hard working and very, very hot. He worked hard to assuage her doubts regarding his brothers while still managing to do his demanding day job.  I liked his ability to switch off between the two sides of his personality and focus on the problems at hand, whatever they may be.

This book had EVERYTHING. It had the romance I crave, characters I adore and just enough suspense to keep me turning the pages in a hurry.

I give Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan 4.5 stars!


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