Throne of Truth by Pepper Winters (Truth and Lies Duet #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

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Reviewer: Kim

The thrilling conclusion to Crown of Lies from New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters


Since my life changed for the second time and not necessarily for the better. Two years since I traded prison bars for streets and hunted a runaway who I’d met in an alley.


Since I forgot how to lie, woke to fists, and chased after the girl who’d been stolen from me.


To save her, rescue her, keep my lies intact. She looks at me full of hate. I look at her full of confession.


For our relationship to switch from mutual dislike to floundering with unknowns. I’ve hurt her. Now, she’s hurt me. I guess we’re even.


For her to listen, to see, to finally know who I am. The answer comes with hardship. The answer isn’t what she wants to hear.


For me to walk out the door.


For it all to be over.

Crown of Lies is a MUST read to be able to read this book.

With the epic way that Crown of Lies ended everyone was wondering exactly WHO is Penn Everett? Who really is Nameless? Well, you’re about to find out…and it is mind-blowing.

I have to say, the cover is absolutely exquisite! I love the Crown of Lies cover but this blows it out of the water. I usually purchase my books only on my Kindle but I will definitely be purchasing both of these stunning paperbacks!

Throne of Truth is a powerful journey that starts right where Crown of Lies left off. Elle has been taken by a devious, conniving Greg to a secret location where he plans to make Elle his for life…or at least until he gets what he wants. Penn is payed a visit by hired assailants when he realizes that Elle didn’t just walk away from him, she’d been taken.

“Penn and I were over before we even began.”

Now usually I’d go on and on about what goes on throughout the story. With this, I just can’t. I cannot ruin for you what is the most spectacular conclusion to a duet I’ve ever read. I will tell you this, Penn POV is incredible. There is so much emotion in his story and his perspective made me absolutely change my mind about how I felt about him at the end of Crown of Lies. I loved all the background information that was given and was itching for even more. I wanted to know this man inside and out.

All of your questions are answered and there is so much drama for Elle and Penn to navigate through but they do so perfectly. I loved the undying devotion that Elle gave to Penn. You could honestly just feel the love between them and more than once it had me in tears. Both of them strong individually but made invincible with their love for one another. Once again, the chemistry between Elle and Penn is even more intense then the first book. Danger, the passion and then finally the truth will have your head ready to explode.

Throne of Truth was honestly the most epic and unforgettable journey that Pepper Winters has ever written. I truly enjoy all of her work but this story will be one I come back to for years to come. It was an undeniably spellbinding conclusion to one of the greatest stories I have ever read. I did not expect anything of what happened in this book but LOVED every single word of it.

I give Throne of Truth (Truth and Lies Duet #2) by Pepper Winters 5+++ stars!

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