Perfect for You by Candis Terry (Sunshine Creek Vineyard #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Avon

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Reviewer: Pam

Declan Kincade has spent so much time chasing success he’s almost forgotten how to just live. Lately though, his all-business routine has been thrown into disarray. Brooke Hastings is the best employee Dec’s ever had: polished, capable, and intelligent. After four years, he’s just realized that she’s also smoking hot. But their working relationship is too valuable to stake on a fling, no matter how mind-bendingly pleasurable it promises to be.

What’s worse than never meeting the right man? Finding him, and then working side-by-side every day while he remains absolutely blind to your existence. That is, until one temptation-packed road-trip changes everything. Teaching her gorgeous, driven boss how to cut loose and have fun is the toughest challenge Brooke’s ever faced. But it’s one that could give both of them exactly what they need, if Dec will take a chance on a perfect—and perfectly unexpected—love.

Having enjoyed many books by Ms. Terry, I was happy to find myself revisiting the Sunshine Winery with the Kincade family, although they continue to struggle with a recent tragedy, it has brought the siblings back together. An emotional story full of heart and romance.

Despite his dyslexia diagnosis several years too late Declan Kincade has built a successful business away from the family drama of the winery. A workaholic by nature, he realizes with the death of his parents he needs to take some time and help his siblings deal with the family’s dire financial situation. Together they hope to find the answers to puzzling questions their parents left behind. However, his plans of flying up to Washington State to visit are waylaid by his assistant Brooke who believes Declan has forgot how to live and prepares for a remarkable road trip from Southern California.

Brooke had a miserable childhood which she managed to escape in her teens and rise above. She is an excellent assistant to Declan, working hard to make sure his business runs smoothly yet she is itching to free Declan of his rigid lifestyle. She looks and acts very professional, but she is determined to live her life to the fullest, never walking when she can run and never flying when she can drive and experience fun. When Dec decides to spend some time at the family winery, she jumps at the chance to break him out of his routine. The fact that she has always found him downright sexy is a win.

Even though Declan drags his feet and complains the entire trip, secretly he is opening up and realizing that Brooke is different away from work, he has always found her sexy but stayed away because of their working relationship, now he is enjoying the chance to get to know this person. I love how free Brooke is, she wants to experience the joys of life and introducing Declan to them is a definite plus. The two have amazing chemistry and the sparks between them surface during their long drive. When they finally get to their destination the two must reevaluate their relationship.

The Kincade’s are a welcoming family. They have gone through some devastating times recently and the bad news keeps coming, they must deal with money trouble as well as a newcomer to the family. There are still many unanswered questions that will continue throughout the arc of the series but the story flows well and I enjoyed the ride.

There are some emotional settings in this story, the only daughter Nicki has never felt loved by her father and is now struggling. A female stranger has come to town to talk to their deceased father and reveals something that deepens the family secrets and they continue to wonder about the missing money and financial troubles. This is the second book in the series, but can easily be read as a standalone. I thoroughly enjoyed this well written romance with heart; I am looking forward to more with this family.

I give Perfect for You by Candis Terry 4 stars!

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