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the-devil-you-know-for-webDamian Tate. One look into his sad green eyes and I was hooked. I wanted to be the one to make him laugh, to make him smile. I hadn’t expected him to be the one to make me blush, to make me hot…to make me fall in love. He was my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. I wanted forever with him, but life got in the way.

He enlisted, I went to college, and for years we were never in the same place long enough to pick up where we left off.

Thirteen years after he left, tragedy brings him home. The stoic boy I fell in love with grew into a quiet, dangerous and wildly sexy man. He still tugs on all the right strings for me, but he seems determined to keep me at arm’s-length.

However, when trouble comes knocking at my door, he is the one to put himself between that trouble and me.

Spending time with him might drive me insane, or it might be our second chance at first love.


**Review From Liz**

Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore is a story about love, family, loss and second chances. It was emotional and suspenseful. This was my second novel by this author and I am now a forever fan. This woman gave us Abel Madden, which I never thought she could top, but boy did she!

Thea Ahern met the love of her life her senior year of high school. One look and she lost her heart to him. I loved Thea. She was sweet and caring and loved with her all heart. She grew up in a loving home and knew how lucky she was.

Damian Tate knew happiness for only a short time early in life, but then everything changed. Growing up as he did, he thought very little of himself. But one day his friend Cam Ahern introduced him to his family and he found a home. A place he could belong. I loved Damian, but my heart also broke for him. He was a strong man. But a man with many doubts and insecurities. He knew he had to make something of himself.

I loved Thea and Damian. They loved each other. Knew their love was the forever kind. But sometimes life gets in the way of what you want most. Thea went to college and Damian enlisted in the army. Though they saw each other through the years, their timing always seemed to be off. But when tragedy strikes, Damian finally comes home. But what happens when so much time has passed and you are not sure you are the same people anymore?

What I truly enjoyed about this story is there was no outside drama between Thea and Damian. It was just wrong timing over and over. During their time apart, each grew in different ways. Damien came to realize his past did not define who he was and Thea learned letting go sometimes brings you exactly what you always wanted.

Add in some amazing characters and a mystery and you have a story that will captivate you until the very end. I loved Cam, Thea’s brother, their crazy friends, family and neighbors. You come to realize love and family does not always mean related by blood. It is those that stand by you no matter the cost.

After years apart, could Thea and Damian find their way back to each other for a second chance at love? Or would the danger surrounding Thea finally separate them forever?

This was a great read. I loved this story, the characters and the love between these two characters. Another must read.

Devil You Know by L.A. Fiore was an amazing 5-star read!






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L.A. Fiore is the author of several books including: Beautifully Damaged, Waiting for the One and A Glimpse of the Dream. She’s also the social secretary for her two children, a tamer of ill-mannered cats, the companion to one awesome dog and married to her best friend. She likes her wine red, her shrimp chilled and her social gatherings small and intimate.



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