Papi by JC Valentine

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My copy: Sent (ARC)

Reviewer: Liz

Dating is hard.
Especially when it’s a younger man.
Alejandro is everything I ever dreamed of:
He’s my Spanish lover.
My every fantasy come true.
My weakness.
And he wants me. All of me. Maybe even more than I have to give.
But the way he talks to me…looks at me…touches me drives me crazy in the best way possible.
And he knows it.
He knows the power he holds over me…and he wields it like a blade…
Straight through my heart.
Everything I have, everything I am, is in his hands…
Because Alejandro is everything and nothing I expected.
He may be my downfall…
But I am more than eager to take the plunge.

Papi by J.C. Valentine is a short novella about a soon to be divorcee trying to navigate through her new life. But dating is hard, especially when you have kids, responsibilities and are no longer young. I loved this short story. It was hot and steamy and so much fun, but also felt real and honest. And just enough of a taste to fall for Alejandro.

Julie is staring over. She finally decided to ends things with her cheating husband. She knows she deserves better and wants to give her children a good life. But she also wants to start dating, but where does she start? She decides to explore online dating. Once she does, she “meets” Alejandro online and they hit it off.

I loved seeing that both Julie and Alejandro had concerns. Life is not perfect and letting someone new into your life after so long is not easy. Julie had insecurities and self-doubts. They got in the way of following through at first. Then reality sets in and decisions need to be made.

I loved this story. Julie and Alejandro were captivating and the chemistry was dripping off the pages. And that ending! I hope there is more where this came from!

I give Papi by J.C. Valentine 4 steamy stars!

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