Crazy Over You by Daisy Prescott

Date: March 28, 2017 

Type: Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

My savior isn’t prince charming.

I’m not that lucky.

He’s my worst nightmare.

He’s my one-night stand from two years ago.

And he doesn’t remember me.

What happens on vacation doesn’t always stay on vacation. Especially in a place like Aspen. I moved to the mountains for my dream job. I never expected to run into the man of my dreams. Again.

I never thought I’d see her again.

My Cinderella didn’t leave me a shoe to find her.

Not that I’d need random footwear to recognize her.

Her kiss is something I’ll never forget.

Work hard. Play hard. I’m paid to be a nice guy on the slopes, but what I do in my off time isn’t always about making good choices. That’s the fun of living in a ski town. I stay while the women come and go.

I was a little unsure when I asked for an ARC of Crazy Over You by Daisy Prescott. I had never read any of her books but I decided this weekend was all about the authors I have never read before. I absolutely struck gold! I really loved the cover and blurb, so why not give it a shot? I was 100% loving this story!

Crazy Over You is a feel-good story that made me happy. Mara and Jesse hit it off two years ago, in a drunken night of fun. Mara was in a drunken stupor and Jesse found himself having the time of his life with her, despite the issues he was going through at the time. After the night ended, Jesse left without more than a simple note to Mara and was never seen again. Did they have sex? Was it so bad that she just didn’t remember? Mara chalked her lack of memories to a lack of a memorable night with Jesse.

Two years later, in Aspen, Mara is now the new veterinarian in town and has had an anxiety attack on a ski slope. Can you guess who’s going to come to her rescue? Jesse is a sexy bearded man who works for the ski patrol and is absolutely just as stunning as he was two years ago. Problem is, Mara doesn’t know if she should be happy he has no idea who she is or should she be mad she was so forgettable? Little does Mara know that Jesse knows exactly who she is and has a plan to make her remember him also.

“My savior isn’t prince charming. No, I’m not that lucky. He’s my worst nightmare. He’s my one night stand from two years ago. And he doesn’t remember me.”

Mara and Jesse are such an easy hero/heroine to love. They fit together seamlessly and an were so very enjoyable to read. I loved all of the secondary characters as well, and will be going back to read the first book in this series. There was no overly intense drama which made this book absolutely perfect for my weekend binge reading session! I am in total awe of these two characters and this will definitely be a re-read for me, many times over!

“Life’s never long enough if you love someone.”

Crazy Over You is my first book by Author Daisy Prescott and I am absolutely in love! This story had all the feels with very little drama and some laughs thrown in for good measure. This book has such a good balance of everything I was looking for, it was a good way to start my weekend! Ms. Prescott, you have a new fan!

I give Crazy Over You by Daisy Prescott 5 stars!

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