Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys

Available: March 30, 2017

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

Our first meeting as neighbors was screwed from the start.

He was hot. I was naked. And we had no chance in hell at ever being platonic.

I’ll be the first to admit that I live at extremes. After going ten years locked in what felt like a dysfunctional marriage, I’m now decidedly boy-free. In nearly three years I’ve had no boyfriends, no flings, no dates and no sex. For the sake of my dream career, the sacrifice has been easy.

At least it was.

Until he came along.

Lukas Hendricks. He’s rude, gorgeous, arrogant – a stone-carved wall of muscle and distraction. He’s everything I know to avoid but there’s no avoiding your next-door neighbor. Oh yeah. The man now lives three steps from me and to make matters worse, he crashed into my life while I was relaxed in the tub – mortifying to say the least and it went something like this: I was exposed. He looked. He laughed.

And then I locked myself out.

In short, Lukas Hendricks was trouble from the start. And me?

I was – for the first time in years – about to be screwed.

I spent the weekend trying to get in some new authors. I have crushed my task at hand and I have found a few new favorites. Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys was so completely unexpected and I adored this book! From page 1, this book had my undivided attention and I finished it in one evening. Be warned, this book is truly addicting and is most definitely a book worth reading over and over again!

Lia is a workaholic. Since leaving her boyfriend of ten years, Lia has been desperately trying to make a name for herself. All work and no play leaves Lia a very dull girl. She is very by the book and everyone knows how little fun she is. Lia is not looking for anything but the new mystery man across the hall has caught her attention.

Lukas. Lukas Hendricks. My lord, this man is pure swoon worthy, book boyfriend to replace all others material. He works hard and plays even harder. With plenty of women at his disposal, he never knew what he was missing until he ran into the neighbor across the hall, who just happened to be stunningly beautiful…and almost completely naked.

Instantly attracted to each other, Lia knows better to mess around and needs to stay 100% focused on what she is trying to accomplish. It doesn’t help Lukas any that Lia can see completely through his manwhore ways. Lukas is bound and determined to break down Lia’s no nonsense ways and teach her how to have a little fun. He soon realizes that he is the only one that he wants her to have fun with but does she feel the same?

“I don’t want to be without her. I don’t think I can.”

Both Lukas and Lia have demons in the closet, some worse then others. I love how Lia completely opened up to Lukas and eventually, when he did the same, my heart broke. Their journey had so many ups and downs, nothing overly dramatic but just enough to make them have to fight for what they really wanted. The end result was an absolutely beautiful story. And not to be forgotten, the sex you ask? AMAZING…WONDERFUL…HOT..MIND-BLOWING…you get my drift 😊

This was my first Stella Rhys story but it will definitely not be my last. I highly recommend this book!

I give Sweet Spot by Stella Rhys 5++ stars!

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