Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige (Dirty Deut #1)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

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Reviewer: Kim

When I met Donovan Kincaid, I knew he was rich. I didn’t know he was filthy. Truth be told, I was only trying to get his best friend to notice me.

I knew poor scholarship girls like me didn’t stand a chance against guys like Weston King and Donovan Kincaid, but I was in love with his world, their world, of parties and sex and power. I knew what I wanted—I knew who I wanted—until one night, their world tried to bite me back and Donovan saved me. He saved me, and then Weston finally noticed me, and I finally learned what it was to be in their world.

And then what it was like to lose it.

Ten years later, I’ve found my way back. Back to their world. Back to him.

This time, I’m ready. I’ve been down this road before, and I know all the dirty, filthy ways Donovan will try and wreck me.

But it’s hard to resist. Especially when I know how much I’ll like it.

I don’t even know how to start this review. I love Laurelin Paige. After I got on the 50 shades train a few years back, the Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin was the next series suggested to me. I’m not even sure who it was that told me to read it, but whomever it was, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE Hudson. He truly is my number one book boyfriend. With that being said…Ms. Laurelin Paige just blew Hudson out of the water with Donovan Kincaid and Weston King. Forever.

I love how Laurelin writes her heroine a little messed up because, hell, aren’t we all? No one is perfect and Sabrina Lind is far from it. In Dirty Filthy Rich Boys, the prequel to Dirty Filthy Rich Men, you find out the story behind Sabrina, Weston and Donovan. It’s not a necessity to read it but i would highly suggest it.

Sabrina was a student at Harvard when she noticed Weston King. Ice blue eyes, dark blond hair, gorgeous in every way and he never noticed her. She would sneak into parties at The Keep just to keep her eyes on her crush. But yet, when an unfortunate incident happens after a party at The Keep and Donovan Kincaid ends up being the last person in the world Sabrina thought would save her, Sabrina ends up totally confused on what/who she wants. The man who she has had her eye on since day one or the one who sets her blood on fire like no one else? One day, Sabrina’s luck changes. Weston finally notices her…and Donovan notices it all. Sabrina is finally going to get what she has hoped for all freshman year, a date with Weston. However, an unexpected issue arises and Sabrina’s life changes forever.

Ten years later, Sabrina is in New York for a convention and runs into Weston King who remembers her. After drinks with Weston, a night together turns into a job offer which turns into something so crazy your head will explode.

Now, if you’ve read Laurelin before, her men are gorgeous, ALPHA males who are most definitely assholes. They do what they want, when they want and do not apologize for a damn thing. Well, Donovan Kincaid is probably the biggest asshole you are EVER going to read about. And he’s HOT as hell. Like get a fan and a couple extra pairs of panties hot. You know EXACTLY the kind of guy I’m talking about, the one you LOVE to hate.

“They were both standing in front of me now, staring at me. Weston to my right, Donovan to my left, like a real game of This or That, and of course the choice was This. It was the only choice. practically. For my sanity. The other one wasn’t even an actual option.”

This story was so totally unexpected. I read Dirty Filthy Rich Boys and had my own ideas of where this would lead. I was so very wrong. I was met with so many lies, twists and turns, unexpected events that my head was absolutely spinning when I was done reading this book. I had no idea what I was in for but my god, it is the most amazing story I have read this year. Does Sabrina go with the safe bet of Weston? Does Sabrina finally figure out why she just can’t stay away from Donovan?

This book was downright DIRTY. The mind games and secrets were DIRTY. The sex was DIRTY….VERY DIRTY. And I loved every single minute of it.

The ONLY downside…major cliffhanger…but such a good one…AND the next book, Dirty Filthy Rich Love, does not come out until September!! SEPTEMBER?!?! Are you trying to kill us Laurelin?

I give Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige 5++ stars!

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