A Fare To Remember by Opal Carew

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Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: St. Martins

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Stevie just caught her boyfriend cheating, so without a second thought, she packed her suitcase and tossed it in the back of her cab. Unsure of where to go next, everything changes when sexy billionaire Reid steps into her cab.

Reid senses a powerful connection the instant he sets eyes on the beautiful but guarded cabdriver. Both at their loneliest points, Stevie and Reid succumb to a moment of passion that leads to a proposition: Reid will pay Stevie a hefty fee if she accompanies him to a business getaway as his escort. It’s up to Stevie if she’d like to share his bed while they’re away. But once she’s had a taste of pleasure at the gorgeous billionaire’s hands, will she ever be able to walk away?

This book was awful. Awful from the second chapter when Stevie and Reid (the dude she just met who hailed her cab) have unprotected sex in a dirty alley, to the middle of the book when Stevie has unprotected sex with Reid AND his business partner Dylan in a weird three way, all the way to the end when Stevie has an accident and disappears and Reid just assumes she doesn’t want him and goes on with his life.

Seriously people, what the ever loving fuck did I just read? How was this published? By the grace of God or some weird guardian angel shit that’s how. That’s gotta be it because I have no other ideas on how something this horrifically bad can end up published by a big 6 publishing house.

The weird sexual shit that went down in this book is the stuff porns are made of. No…really…two dicks one hole…look it up if you dare but how the fuck is that even sexy. Guess what, it’s not. It sounds painful and unless you’re so stretched out that it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway…NOT POSSIBLE. Where does the two dudes bodies go in this position? The fuck if I know. We’re not talking one in the front door and one in the back..we’re talking TWO DICKS IN THE SAME HOLE. No thanks. I’ll pass. Especially since both dudes have these ginormous horse dicks like were described in the book.

The threesome in this book was in no way normal. Reid and Stevie were just using Dylan for his extra dick. Stevie didn’t ever acknowledge feelings for him past the superficial and he got the short stick every time. I felt bad for the guy. I mean, Dylan, you deserve more then the weird fucked up relationship you’ll be having with these two. Go find you another couple who will actually take your feelings into account. Not send you packing when they don’t want you around.

Ugh. I can’t with this book. I just can’t. I should have known better having read an Opal Carew book before (see Meat by Opal Carew), but the blurb sounded so fucking normal and nice. NOPE. Stay away, stay far far away.

I give A Fare To Remember by Opal Carew….nope, can’t do it…

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