Workout blessing in disguise

On July 3rd I missed an opportunity to meet one of my idols. Chalene Johnson was in Michigan that day and teaching a FREE class. Well, technically she was there but because of an injury her sister and best friend taught the class. Whatever, still I was upset that I couldn’t go. Michigan as a state is only 3 hours from me. However, Michigan is a rather LARGE state and she was at the northern end of it. It would have been a 7 1/2 hour drive and sadly I couldn’t swing it on my own. So I stayed home and wallowed in my own self pity most of the day. I knew that as soon as the class was over I’d log onto facebook and see all these pictures of all the fun I didn’t have. I was not looking forward to having to look at everyone elses fun. Selfish of me huh?

It took people longer then I expected to upload their pics, but when they did I noticed a common denominator. WOW, everyone looks AWESOME! Skinny and muscular and rocking their cute little workout outfits. I started thinking that maybe it was better that I didn’t get to go after all. The routine that day was most certainly TurboFire (which I do not own yet). So I would have had zero clue what was going on. Knowing me I would go the wrong direction and punch someone in the face by accident. Maybe take out the entire row with a wrongly placed kick to the side. I would have had to stand in the back based on the fact that I did not know the routines and being only a little over 5 foot that wouldn’t have worked very well I’m sure.

Then we look at the outfits. These chicks must have spent a good $75 on some of them. All showcasing these rock hard bodies they have worked so hard to acheive. I workout in a ratty t-shirt (because it covers ALL of me) and a pair of 4 yr old spandex I got on clearance at Kohl’s. I have 1 sports bra that matches nothing I own because it’s some horrid shade of blue that no one wanted…thus why it was on sale. I can’t afford the new dvds let alone a sweet workout wardrobe. THEN I see pictures that were taken AFTER the event. All sweaty and tired these girls were still smoking hot! You don’t understand, I look like death warmed over after a 50 min workout. I’m crawling across my floor to shut the dvd off, that’s if I can move at all. Sometimes I yell for the hubby to come pick me up. I literally lay in a puddle of sweat in the middle of my living room until I get enough energy back to move.

My self-esteem already sucks, so I’m thinking its a good thing I didn’t go put myself in a room with all these awesome ladies. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise? Someday I will be THAT girl. Rocking the front row, hitting the beats in time with the music and looking all fantastic while doing it. Right now though, I’m only a Turbo goddess in my own living room.

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