Royal Disaster by Parker Swift (Royal Scandal #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Forever Yours

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Kim

Meeting Dylan Hale has turned my life upside down. I’m dating an actual duke who’s devastatingly handsome and deliciously naughty. On the surface, I’m living the high life. But this surreal world of royalty and paparazzi is getting out of control.

Someone knows way too much about Dylan and me-about the moments when we’re alone, about how his hands leave a trail of fire over my skin . . . about the complete control he has over me between the sheets. And worse, it’s starting to become clear that Dylan’s keeping secrets from me, too . . .


Royal Disaster is the second book in a three-book series and the debut of author Parker Swift. I once again enjoyed the cover of this book and was once again surprised by the British hero, Dylan Hale.

Lydia is an American who is trying to make a life for herself after her father passed away from cancer. She had been a nanny for a very well to do family for the summer before starting her life in London as a fashion designer. She ran into Dylan, an architect (and oh by the way, a DUKE!) and the two have had a relationship, crazy as it may be, ever since.

There still is that amazing chemistry between Lydia and Dylan but something is just off. Lydia is trying her best to get Dylan to open up but he still is keeping her out of portions of his life. Now with a crazy stalker, taking pictures of their intimate encounters and recording all of their very naughty love life, Dylan is more on edge than ever. Throw in problems with his father and Lydia is at a total loss of what to do to help Dylan.

Royal Disaster is once again a very fast paced, instant love kind of story. I enjoyed the continuation of it but felt at some points that Dylan was so totally closed off from Lydia, it was like, why is she even trying anymore? There was a little more drama in this book then the last one and I was very surprised at the reaction of Lydia, I just didn’t expect that out of her character. I was pleasantly surprised at some points of the story but I feel like it ended just the way I figured it would. I am intrigued to see how the author plans to end the story with book #3, Royal Treatment.

I give Royal Disaster (Royal Scandal #2) by Parker Swift 3 stars!

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