Second Chance Season by Liora Blake (Grand Valley #2)

Available: June 20, 2017 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance 

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Garrett Strickland is unapologetically country, fiercely loyal, and all about living in the present and not dwelling in the past—even if he was once on his way to a lofty agricultural sciences degree that would guarantee the brightest of futures, only to end up back home when his old man died, leaving behind a debt-ridden family farm that was impossible to keep afloat. After that, it was easy to see why dreaming big wasn’t worth the heartache of losing everything. And until he crosses paths with a city girl who’s hell-bent on kick-starting her own future, he’s sure that good enough is just that.

Cara Cavanaugh is ready for more from life, even if that means changing everything; including dumping her longtime boyfriend, turning down a lucrative job at a major newspaper, and leaving behind the upscale suburbs of Chicago where she grew up. Now, she just has to pray that temporarily relocating to the middle of nowhere in Colorado will be the first step in building a career as a freelance writer—all she has to do is prove she’s got what it takes to make a name for herself. Unfortunately, her tony country day school is as close to country as she’s ever been. But when a goodhearted guy who looks like he just stumbled out of a country music video offers to help, she ends up falling hard…and discovering that the perfect story, as it turns out, is a love story. And it’s theirs.

Second Chance Season is a heartfelt, small town, country romance sprinkled with big city dreams and characters who’ll stay with you long after The End. Liora Blake is a semi new-to-me author, with book one of this series also being the first book I’d read by her. I adored that book and I am happy to say I enjoyed Second Chance Season just as much!

Garrett has resigned himself to his life and tells himself he’s okay with that all the time. Once a promising student, the passing of his father led him back home to a life he swore he wanted more out of. Now he’s working double hours at a dead end job and passing the time as any good county boy should, hanging with friends and hunting. Crossing paths with the city bred woman who is staying in his childhood home temporarily should have been a one time event. Offering to help her by introducing her to other area farmers to help her write a freelance piece should have been clue number one he was in over his head. Yet the more time he spends with his city girl, the more he yearns for something more. Something he hasn’t thought possible since he came home to a failing farm with no way out.

Being a freelance writer is something Cara has always wanted to pursue and just never had the nerve to. Coming from a wealthy family, she’s used to just towing the company line and doing what is expected of her. With her recent breakup still burning, she finds herself in a small town, on a writing deadline, with one chance to get her life right. A relationship is not in the cards, but Garrett is slowly stacking the deck with his country boy charm. They both know Cara is only around for a short time, but dreams don’t often come when you’re expecting them and they are both about to find out what happens when love pops up unexpectedly.

PERFECT CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE! Hands down, Liora Blake has just got that “thing” that I crave. I read Second Chance Season in record time, ignoring real life while rooting for these characters to make that connection. This was a well flushed out story with characters you want to cheer on.

Poor Garrett just didn’t see he was living half a life, or more to the point, he didn’t WANT to see it. Ignoring possibilities for a future bigger than where you are now is safe and that’s how he lived his life after the passing of his father. Safe. Cara opens his eyes to those possibilities. Both for love and a future where his career dreams are seen to fulfillment. Their love is a sweet one that smolders from the get go and turns into something beautiful. Something that can stand the test of time. Something real and true.

Having ambition isn’t new to Cara. However, defying her family is. Coming from money means coming with a certain set of expectations on how you live your life. Having been sheltered, living on her own, on the other side of the country is scary but refreshing. She never imagined falling in love with not only her cowboy, but the terrain as well. I loved her tenacity, her drive and her ability to soothe Garrett’s soul.

Second Chance Season is definitely one for that keeper shelf!

I give Second Chance Season by Liora Blake 5 stars! 

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