Feels Like The First Time by Marina Adair (Destiny Bay #2)

What’s wrong with a little white lie?

There are a lot of things Ali Marshal doesn’t do: pink anything, a day without chocolate, and Hawk, her sister’s ex-husband. Sure, he’s a sexy former NHL star who can make her pulse pound with just a wink. But he belonged to Bridget first. And no matter how long she’s had a crush on him, how great he’s always been to her dad, or that her sister is engaged to someone else now and Ali needs a date to their engagement party, she can’t give in to temptation. Can she?

It’s been years since his disastrous marriage crashed and burned, and Bradley Hawk has finally moved on. So when Bridget blows back into town with her new fiancé, throwing the engagement party of the year, he could care less . . . until Ali tells one little lie that lands him smack dab in a fake relationship. After one promise to be Ali’s date and two of the hottest kisses he’s ever had, Hawk can’t deny how much he wants her. But what happens when this fauxmance starts to feel very, very real?


Every book I pick up by Marina Adair turns out to be a solid read, and this one was no exception. Feels Like the First Time brings us back to Destiny Bay where we first met Ali Marshal in Luke and Kennedy’s book. This wasn’t your run of the mill friends to lovers story. Marina Adair took that classic plot and added a complicated twist – one that had me wondering right up until the end how it was going to work out.

Ali and Hawk have a history, but not a romantic one. For as long as she can remember, Ali has been in love with Hawk. Unfortunately, Hawk fell in love with her sister Bridget instead. Watching from the sidelines as the former NHL star fell for and married Bridget while keeping her own feelings inside was one of the hardest things Ali has ever done. Taking care of her family, putting other’s needs before her own, is what she’s used to, so for years Ali focused on her career and spent her time taking care of her ailing father.

Hawk was devastated when his marriage to Bridget fell apart. He poured himself 100% into their relationship and he had to work hard to redefine himself after he lost the woman he loved as well as his career due to injury. He only asked for one thing in the divorce: his hometown. He had a plan to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams, but he couldn’t do that with Bridget still in his life. She left, he stayed, and he carved out a new life that he loved….a life that kept him in close contact with his former father-in-law and Ali.

Hawk wasn’t sure when he finally got over Bridget and started looking at Ali as a woman instead of his ex-wife’s sister, but a pretend date and a hotter than hot kiss had

things changing in a hurry. Suddenly his future seemed a whole lot brighter and a lot less lonely. What started out as a fake romance turned real overnight and Hawk was determined to show Ali they could be more than just “sexy friends”. Ali was devastated when her mother left – and took Bridget with her – after her parents’ divorce, and secretly crushed when her sister wound up with the man she’d wanted for herself. Even though she’s all grown up and Bridget had been away for a long time, all it took was her sister sweeping back into town for Ali’s doubts and insecurities to rise back up.

I really loved Ali and Hawk. They were both real, honest and vulnerable. I loved the way they each took care of the other in their own way, and I like the way the author took them from friendship to flirtation so easily. This book was heartfelt and sexy. I enjoyed the little cameos by Destiny Bay’s other residents, and I was desperately hoping for a happy ending right alongside Ali.

I give Feels Like the First Time by Marina Adair 4 stars!


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Marina Adair is a #1 National bestselling author of romance novels and holds a Master of Fine arts in creative writing. Along with the Destiny Bay series, she is also the author of the Sugar, Georgia series, the St. Helena Vineyard series, and her new Heroes of St. Helena series. She currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two neurotic cats in Northern California.

As a writer, Marina is devoted to giving her readers contemporary romance where the towns are small, the personalities large, and the romance explosive.

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