Claim & Protect by Rhenna Morgan (Haven Brotherhood #3)

Available: June 12, 2017 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Carina Press

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Live hard, f*ck harder and follow only their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six men of the Haven Brotherhood live and bleed by, refusing to conform to society’s expectations, taking what they want and always watching each other’s backs.

Trevor Raines lives on the edge of legal. A good guy doing bad things to save lives, the only rules he follows are the Brotherhood’s, and there’s nothing in the world that will change that. Until Natalie Jordan walks into his life…

Natalie’s only interest is in making a fresh start. She’s a woman with a plan, and the plan doesn’t include a man with secrets, no matter how kind—or intoxicating—he is. But this cowboy is determined to break down her walls, keep her safe and make her his.

Trevor had no interest in settling down, but there’s something entirely too appealing about the woman he can’t stay away from. There’s only one thing to do—change his plans…and hers. When Natalie’s ex resurfaces to threaten her new life, Trevor will move heaven and earth to make sure the bastard can’t hurt her again. Except saving Natalie means outing his own secrets—and it could mean losing her forever…

Here we are, book three in the Haven Brotherhood series by Rhenna Morgan. This is normally where I hit a stale point in a series. I am so happy to say that Morgan once again wowed me with her work and left me wanting more more more from this world she has built!

Living in a world of their own making, Trevor and his brotherhood are used to doing things their own way. They may not always be the legal way, but they get shit done and they do it on their own terms. Trevor has noticed his new waitress Natalie is taking a lot of personal calls and being distracted from work which is unacceptable. Approaching her gives me no clue other than her desperate need to keep her job and her skittishness when asked about her personal life. Intrigued by her, Trevor makes it his business to find out her secrets and what he finds past those walls riles every protective instinct he has.

With an abusive ex to keep at bay and a young son depending on her, Natalie knows she needs to keep her head on straight. A dalliance with her boss might just give her ex the fuel he needs to take Levi from her out of pure spite. But the meddlesome overgrown cowboy has a different plan. One that involves a sense of security that Natalie isn’t accustomed to and that she doesn’t trust.

While I loved the relationship progression of this book, the real star was Natalie’s son Levi. He stole the scene every time he graced the pages. A precocious young boy in real need of a father figure, he instantly attached himself to Trevor. In return, Trevor took on the role with seeming ease, teaching him manners and how a real man should act right from the start. For a man who said time and again he wasn’t ready to settle down, his actions certainly spoke louder than his words. It was heartwarming each and every time Trevor showed the little man affection, something Levi hadn’t had from anyone other than his mother and grandmother.

While this relationship did take a bit longer to ignite, it was true to their characters and unique to their story. Natalie was understandably reluctant and it took a while to break down those walls. Faced with a man who lives by his own terms was eerily familiar to her and she had a hard time separating the upstanding man Trevor was to her slime of an ex.

Overall, this was a strong story focusing on moving on, understand differences and learning who you are in the face of secrets. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait for more!

I give Claim & Protect by Rhenna Morgan 4 stars! 

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