My computer is like a crack addiction

It has been a day or so since I was able to write a blog. After my little rant the other night and the almost bloody death of my laptop by my bare hands, a friend stepped in to look at it. Turns out I had a back door virus…well the computer did. That doesn’t sound pleasant to me at all. In fact that sounds like something that you might get from a public restroom. However, I do not think my laptop visits those frequently so I am not sure where it picked up that morsel of goodness. I try not to click strange links but I guess these hackers can be just about anywhere. I take comfort in the fact that I know some awesome I.T guys who have my back when my computer punks out on me.

Last night was extremely hard for me. It was like being 24 hours crack free to an addict. I did not know what to do. I vacuumed the house at 8:30pm, read a book that finally came into the library after 3 months of waiting, played a bit of Mario Kart online and finally resorted to texting a friend at midnight.

This morning wasn’t any better. The boy asked me some insane question like “why is the sky blue”. My first thought was to Google it. Oops, no computer. I finally called someone else to Google that shit. In case you’re wondering it has something to do with the reflection off the ocean or some crap like that. Bottom line, without my computer, I AM NOTHING. I must have information at my fingertips at all times. I must be able to blog. I must be able to stalk, er visit, authors and other bloggers websites. I want to be able to plant the seeds of my choice on my Farmville farm (DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME). Without the internet, I am lost. I am clearly a member of this age. I don’t go anywhere without my cell phone and I use the internet to find everything out from why the damn sky is blue to what to have for dinner tonight. I am proud of it too.

Luckily, I did not have to suffer in silence for long. That’s right, silence. I don’t dare voice this to the hubby because I am sure he would find it highly hilarious and I would never hear the end of it. Doesn’t matter that he moans and groans when he can’t get on his precious “Giant Pumpkins” website. Don’t ask, he is a weirdo. Anyways, the computer was ready and waiting for me this morning bright and early. And it runs awesome now. Regardless of the crack under the keyboard from falling off the coffee table and the mouse thingie that isn’t attached like is should be. Product of having kids and animals running like maniacs through my house at any given time. Whatever, its mine and until I can get myself a shiny new IMAC, this is it. And that IMAC aint coming anytime soon. I will be on this dinosaur for a long while yet. Back door viruses be damned!

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