All That I Am by Rachel Brookes (Men of Monroe #1)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

A kickass home décor boutique – tick
A sassy mouth and absolutely no filter – tick
A wall so strong no man could ever tear it down – tick, tick, tick!

Or so I thought.

Until I meet Detective Ben Hunt, the owner of exquisite blue eyes, a god-like physique and a seductive smirk that makes me weak at the knees. He charges into my life like a force of nature. No matter how hard I try to keep the walls up around my heart, he’s made it his mission to shatter them. I have no chance of resisting him, but I would make sure I won this tug of war.

Which was what I wanted.

Right? When did the idea of losing myself to him start to sound so good?

I wish Ben was the only battle I faced. There’s a reason this small town needs a good detective. One way or another I’m going to have to brace for impact, because no wall I build can stop the new threat thundering toward Monroe.

After all, secrets only stay a secret for so long around here.


I have been a fan of Rachel since I read Be My December. I then went and purchased every single one of her other books sight unseen. I absolutely adore the way she writes…plenty of fun, angst, love, sadness and some drama thrown in for good measure with some pretty outstanding happily ever afters. All That I Am was no different.

In review after review, I keep reading “we’ve been waiting so long for this book”. Well, that’s just fine by me because this story is nothing short of perfection. Rachel Brookes can take all the time she needs because she wrote the hell outta this one! Sasha, Ben and the people of Monroe are a force to be reckoned with!

Sasha Hamilton owns a home décor boutique called Sass and is as single as they come. She is also owner of Hamilton’s with her brother, Drew, who is all the family she has left. Being abandoned and then her father passing away has left a void in her life, but one that she has built walls up to protect.

Detective Ben Hunt is tall, dark, handsome and has been noticing Sasha for years. He finally decides to pursue Sasha with all he’s got but she is determined to look past his bossiness and sexy alphamale-ness and keep living the life she knows so well.

“You look like a woman who would be the best kind of forever.”

Until everything falls apart. Life isn’t what Sasha thinks it is at all. With so many secrets, lies and danger, can Sasha figure out what is really going on? Can Detective Ben Hunt put all of the pieces together before the woman he’s falling for gets hurt?

“Mess with my family, and you had me as an enemy. Mess with my woman, and you had a death sentence.”

I adore Sasha and her unfiltered, fun loving self. Her banter with Ben, hell, with just about everyone in town made me laugh out loud. And Ben? Swoon worthy, sexy, confident, gorgeous, and the list goes on. I love how he knows exactly what Sasha needs even when she’s pushing him away.

Gigi, Missy, Crazy John, Austin, Drew and so many more people from Monroe will just steal your heart. Every single one of them brings their own dynamic to this story and makes it all that much better. I look forward to book #2 in the series!

I give All That I Am by Rachel Brookes 5 stars!

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