Detour by Kacey Shea

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Liz

Trent Donavan is the golden boy of the rock world. As lead singer of Three Ugly Guys, he’s every fangirl’s dream, and with his newfound fame the women flow as readily as alcohol and drugs. There’s no doubt women are Trent’s preferred indulgence after a successful show.

That is, until the feisty little blonde joins the tour.

Lexi Marx loves music. It runs in her blood and flows through her soul. As the illegitimate daughter of a rock legend, she’s determined to make it in the music industry on talent alone. So when her agent scores her the opening act gig for the next 3UG tour it seems her hard work, hopes, and dreams have finally come to fruition.

Until she spends time with the band. More accurately, Trent Donovan. She’d feel better if that arrogant manwhore of a lead singer would stop hitting on her with his dreamy eyes, witty comebacks, and voice that melts the most jagged of hearts. But Trent is determined to prove to Lexi he’s not such a bad guy, and as music binds their friendship, Lexi’s left with the most confusing of emotions. Could this be love or an uninvited distraction? She can still have it all, if only her heart doesn’t lead her off track.

Detour by Kacey Shea was a fun, sexy read with a touch of angst. Who does not love rockers and the woman who goes toe to toe with them?

Trent Donovan and his band, Three Ugly Guys, have worked long and hard to make it in the music industry. All their dreams are finally coming true. He is living the life of a rock star! Women, fame and parties are his life now. He is content. What else could he ask for?

Lexi Marx is ready to hit the music industry by storm. She has been surrounded by music all her life, but is determined to make it on her own merit and talent. She does not need her absentee rock legend of a father to open any doors for her. When she finally gets the break she needs, she is determined to put her mark on the world and stay away from the members of the rock band she is opening for. No one knows better than her the consequences of falling for a rocker.

I loved Trent. Yes, he was cocky and confident, but he earned that right and never lied or made promises. The ladies knew who he was and what he wanted. He gave them what they desired and everyone was happy. That is until he meets Lexi. She rocked his world and seemed to bring out the softer side of him. A side that wanted to be a better man for her.

Lexi, on the other hand, was hard around the edges and protected herself fiercely. But as we learn her background, we understand why she is the way she is. She never lets her defenses down. But when Trent comes to her defense and they begin to spend time together, everything changes and she begins to see a different side of him.

I enjoyed reading a heroine that was not afraid to stand for what she wanted and believed in. She gave just as much as she took. I loved seeing a hero who knew what he had in a woman and did all he could to show her who he really was. Seeing the romance blossom between Trent and Lexi was frustrating at times, but also very sweet.

I enjoyed reading Detour by Kacey Shea and hope to see the other band members get their stories as well. I was intrigued with the slow burn of the romance, the friendships between the band members and with Lexi and I loved Trent’s mom. This was another great read from Kacey Shea.

I give Detour by Kacey Shea 4-stars

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