Born To Be Bound by Addison Cain (Alpha’s Claim #1)

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Reviewer: Nikki

Surrender is not survival.

Claire is desperate. Her once thriving city lies in ruins. The strongest of the three human dynamics, Alphas, have grown feral. Common Betas circle like vultures. The lowest in the hierarchy, rare and weak Omegas like Claire, are being destroyed. Sheltering amidst a dwindling enclave of frightened Omega women, Claire cannot provide enough to feed them all; her friends are starving.

All due to one escaped convict’s violent rise to power.

Shepherd is every bit as ruthless as his reputation suggests. Despite taking every possible precaution, Claire is captured and her worst nightmare realized. Shepherd, discovering a rare Omega in his midst, claims her like a prize, forcing a pair-bond that ties her to him forever.

She fights her instincts and his will, because no matter how manipulative the bond might be, she despises what he’s done to her people. If she cannot find a way to help her friends, if she cannot escape, everyone she loves will die.

This is NOT a romance. I repeat, this is NOT a romance. At least not yet and I highly doubt you’ll ever be able to convince me that it is. Although I’ve seen some books make me do a complete 180, so I guess we’ll see. Born To Be Bound is set in a world of Alphas, Omegas and Betas. A world were animalistic natures are the norm and a fierce hierarchy exists. Omegas are rare, few and far in-between and quickly dwindling due to an over turning of power and people reverting to a more feral approach in society. In a single word, anarchy.

Knowing her people are dying out, Claire goes to the one she sees as responsible for the burning of her world to seek food and safety for those she loves. Shepherd is ruthless, cold and immediately stakes his claim on the Omega who has suddenly come into her heat cycle at the most inopportune time. He sequesters her away underground, treats her as a possession and routinely takes her body and forces a mate bonding on her when she’s at her most desperate time in her cycle. While technically he does nourish her body, it’s for his own gain since the stronger she is, the better the coupling can be. He has fleeting moments of gentleness but offers no insight into who he is or why he has become the cold man he is today. When I say cold….I mean like glacially cold…

“With a stroke down her hip and back up again, the monster explained in a low, soft rumble. “If I ever smell another man’s scent saturating you again, I will hunt down the male and rip off his limbs while you watch… then I will fuck you in a pool of his blood”

Claire continually fights her instincts to submit to the Alpha, even managing to get away at one point. I felt for her, I really did. She was stuck between a bone deep craving for the man she was mate bound to and she hated it with every fiber of her being. But when your anatomy at the very core of your soul is changing, what choice do you have but to give in?  Her acquiescence was slow and I was equally parts upset and relieved when it started to occur. Mostly because I hoped that her giving in would reveal Shepherd in a different light and give Claire at least a little bit of peace. I was very, very wrong.

The sex in this book is not consensual in the least, even if Claire was literally begging for it in spades. She was coerced at every turn, blinded by the chemical reaction in her treacherous body both naturally and pharmaceutical induced. She was segregated and kept in the dark. Through it all she remains steady and strong even at times when she feels at her breaking point.

Born To Be Bound is an incredibly dark book that deals with the manipulation of the mind. This is not to be read lightly and if you even have a hint of a trigger issue, you should stay far away. I do think that triggers aside, the world building was very well done. It has strong dystopian themes coupled with straight erotica elements.  If you do decide to read it, be prepared to feel as conflicted as the heroine. Both distressed and intrigued, wanting to put it down and yet soldiering on. It also ends in a massive cliffhanger which came without warning enticing you into getting book two immediately. This is definitely a book that is not for the average reader and something that will leave its mark on me for a while.

I give Born To Be Bound by Addison Cain 4 stars



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