Twisted by Mandi Beck

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Three friends walk into a bar . . . One walks out the fake girlfriend of a hot, bearded Scotsman.

Fannin McGuire is up for promotion at Tate and Cane Enterprises, but first she has to make it through her stepsister’s wedding. To Fannin’s ex. Yep. Her ex-fiancé is about to be her new brother-in-law. One big happy family. And lucky her, she also gets to work with him.

While Fannin is putting all of her energy into her career, her ex is putting all of his energy into making her life hell. Just when Fannin is sure she’ll be attending the wedding without a plus one, in walks Jasper James to save the day. He’s the bartender at the Iron Flask, the account she’s trying to land, and everything she didn’t know she needed or wanted. Before Fannin knows what’s happening, Jasper is playing knight in shining armor and she likes it. And him. A lot. With his smooth Scottish accent, ridiculously good looks, and that beard? She doesn’t stand a chance.

Jasper isn’t in the habit of rescuing anyone. But when Fannin is confronted by her ex about her lack of a date for his upcoming nuptials, Jasper can’t help but step in. Her wild hair, violet eyes, and killer legs have him doing a few things he normally wouldn’t. Never mind that he shouldn’t be getting involved with the woman in charge of making the bar a global success.

Their fake relationship becomes more real than either thought it would. Now they’re at the mercy of their feelings when truths are twisted, and the lies don’t taste as smooth as the whisky.

What a refreshing voice Mandi Beck has in her writing! I absolutely adored Twisted with its simple formula, swoony Scottish hero and smart and sassy heroine!

When Fannin walks into The Iron Flask, leaving with a pretend boyfriend is not something she’s expecting. Yet that’s exactly what happens when bartender Jasper overhears Fannin’s ex-fiance and co-worker rubbing his upcoming wedding to her step sister in her face. Immediately drawn to her, Jasper is eager to pursue the unusual feelings she evokes from him with ease and so he steps in as her boyfriend and offers to take her to the upcoming wedding. The feeling is mutual and their attraction is instantaneous. They walk a fine line with Fannin’s firm being involved in the branding of The Iron Flask and her taking lead. Yet why try to deny something that feels so right?

While Twisted is a novella, it’s done so well that readers can expect a full story and not to be left feeling like it was missing anything. Jasper is hero material personified with his beard, Scottish accent and chivalrous demeanor. He was protective without being overbearing and he truly believed in Fannin’s abilities in her work to further the advance of The Iron Flask in the states. Her family is, simply put, a bunch of dicks, with the lone exceptions of her boss (also her cousin) and her father. How easily everyone else seemed to dismiss her feelings of humiliation and betrayal! Her over the top best friend brought some comedic relief with her brash and to the point personality and seemed to steal the scene each time she graced the page. Fannin herself is a strong heroine, determined to not only do the best job she can, but move on after catching her lecherous ex cheating. She’s headstrong and determined, courageous and proud.  A perfect match for Jasper in every way.

Beck really sets herself apart in the indie romance world with Twisted. She weaves Fannin and Jasper’s tale with smoldering heat and lighthearted encounters. It’s an easy read with real, heart-felt emotions that left this reader feeling lighter and better for it. Simply put, it made me happy.

I give Twisted by Mandi Beck 5 stars! 

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