Every Little Kiss by Marina Adair (Sequoia Lake #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

There’s nothing that single mom Liv Preston won’t do if it means making her six-year-old son smile again. After a heartbreaking two years, her little family is due for some fun in the sun. She just didn’t expect to find it in the big, rugged, Search and Rescue hero next door—who shows her just how exciting, and sexy, life’s adventures can be.

As head of Reno’s K-9 search division, Ford Jamison knows what it takes to make life-and-death decisions on the fly. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t do regrets, and has never doubted his instincts—until he makes a promise that turns his world upside down. Desperate for redemption, he returns to Sequoia Lake, only to find himself face-to-face with his past…and the one woman he can’t have. Not when his secret would destroy her—and everything she holds dear.

For Liv, finding love once was a gift. Finding it twice seems impossible, until the moment Ford’s lips meet hers. Love doesn’t always come easy, but when it’s right, it’s worth fighting for…

If you are looking for a small town romance full of humor, flirtation and fun, you can’t go wrong with a Marina Adair book. She has found her niche, and every book I’ve encountered by her has been a solid four star read. Every Little Kiss, the second in her Sequoia Lake series, is no exception. Even though it’s part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.

Olivia Preston’s world fell apart two years ago when her husband and son were in a car accident. Her son survived; her husband did not. Picking up the pieces and forging ahead with life as a single mom hasn’t been easy, but Liv has done it. Her little boy is at the top of her priority list, and making sure he is happy, healthy and loved is what she lives for. Her newfound peace is disturbed – in a good way – when Ford Jamison moves in just down the lake from her.

Ford is a K-9 search and rescue leader from Reno. Originally from Sequoia Lake, he returns to his former home to get his head on straight and pass his final certification so he can be reinstated at his job. The close proximity to the pretty widow is not coincidence. Ford chose to return to Sequoia Lake, and moved in next to Liv, to fulfill a promise he made to a dying man two years prior. He has watched over Liv and her son from afar, anonymously providing gifts and other things to help make their lives a little bit happier. He has no intention of coming clean with her, he just wants to make sure Liv is finally doing ok so he can put the past to rest.

What Ford doesn’t count on is the sparks that fly between himself and Liv. She is everything that he admires in a woman, and her devotion to her son is something a man with small town roots like himself can appreciate. Even as they explore their mutual attraction, they both hold back. Liv knows that Ford’s stay in Sequoia Lake is temporary, and she can already see that she’s in danger of giving her heart to someone who won’t stick around. Ford’s secret of how his life has been intertwined with Liv’s is something he had every intention of revealing…. At the right time. Unfortunately things move too far and too fast between them, and before he knows it, opening up to Liv will cause more hurt than anything.

I really loved Ford as a hero. He was strong and caring, sexy and adventurous, but also very vulnerable. This wasn’t a man who closed himself off. He lived life like every other adrenaline junkie – full steam ahead. He followed his passion for Liv because he couldn’t help it, and soon loving her and her son overshadowed the fear he had about coming clean with her. Liv was a tougher nut to crack. She was a little one dimensional and I didn’t love her like I have some other of Marina Adair’s heroines, but the romance between her and Ford was sweet, emotional and believable.

I give Every Little Kiss by Marina Adair 4 stars!

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