Taming The Moon by Sherrill Quinn

Rory O’Sullivan is a newly turned werewolf and he is not happy about it.  Having been turned while trying to protect his friend Declan’s girlfriend from certain death, he of course, blames him. Had Declan informed him of the entire situation he would have been more prepared for the attack that left him…different. Now he nearly killed a suspect while on the job as a DC Inspector and has been put on a leave of absence. He travels to Arizona to Declan’s house in the hopes that he can teach him how to control his inner animal.He might also learn to deal with his new found anger management issues.

Olivia Felan has a job to do. Kill Rory Sullivan. Unless she completes her assignment her Alpha will kill her daughter. Olivia is tired of being her pack’s punching bag but when it comes to her daughter she isn’t willing to take chances. Never mind that her “assignment” is perfect specimen of werewolf form. Even as she plans his demise she dreams of a different life, a better life for her and her daughter. To compound her problem, Olivia is the one who accidentally turned Sully into a werewolf months before. She knows that when he finds out he will most certainly hate her for it. She has a decision to make. Does she follow her orders and take out Rory Sullivan? Or does she trust him and his friends to help her take out her Alpha and save her daughter.

Miles is his packs Alpha and he will not have a rebellion among his ranks. He is ruthless and bloodthirsty. He has waited many years to make Ryder pay for being what he is and what Miles desired to be.  What better way then to take out those that he loves. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to complete a mission yet and Ryder’s friends not only still live but have been turned into werewolves. This time he was a sure proof plan. Olivia is feral and determined and will get the job done because he is holding her 6-year-old daughter as collateral. He will kill her if it comes down to it. He might even do it regardless just to teach Olivia her place in his pack.

Taming The Moon is the third book in Sherrill Quinn’s werewolf series. I throughly enjoyed her first two books Daring The Moon and Seducing The Moon. I have looked forward to reading Sully’s story because I found him so intriguing in the second book.  However I just couldn’t get into it. I didn’t connect with Olivia’s character at all. She waffled constantly between being a strong character and then not being able to make her mind up. I felt some of the scenes were forced between the two.The sex however was hot, animalistic and kept to the level I expected after Sherrill’s first two books.

Olivia’s Alpha turns out to be Miles, who we found out in the first book is related to Ryder. At that point I fully expected Ryder to make a strong appearance but he did not. We do see him and his wife Taite but they show up only for a short time for the showdown with Miles. I really wanted him to have a larger role as he was the cause of both his friends being turned into werewolves.The showdown between Sully and Miles seemed anti climactic to me. I expected a bigger show then what I was given. Since Miles was behind everything over the course of the three books I had a hard time excepting his short demise to Olivia’s killing bite.

I really wanted to love this book as I have her previous ones in this series. However, this time, I did not get my wish. I am giving Taming The Moon 3 stars.

On a side note….the cover is extremely hot and definitely drool worthy. Take another look. You can not deny those washboard abs.

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