Stroke of Midnight by Bonnie Edwards

Due out 1/24/2011

Carina Press

My Copy- NetGalley

An unlikely Cinderella…

When hardworking single mom Jaye Sinns meets younger playboy Alexander Carmichael, the sexual chemistry between them is undeniable. So Jaye gives in to temptation and allows him to whisk her away for her first-ever vacation. Two glorious weeks of no inhibitions, no strings and no responsibilities.

A charming prince of a guy…

Life with Alex is every woman’s fantasy—sizzling sex in the back of a limo, on a private plane, in exotic settings. But it’s not enough to fulfill a woman like Jaye for long. No matter how hot the sex is.

A happy ending?

Alex is soon craving more than Jaye’s body: he wants her love and admiration, too. For the first time in his life, he can’t buy the thing he desires most; and now he must decide if he’s willing to work at being the kind of man that Jaye needs, and give her the happily-ever-after she deserves.

Stroke of Midnight is a modern day Cinderella story. Jaye is out of her league standing in the middle of the high-end car auction. Contained within these walls are the countries  most wealthy. Jaye is only a tag-along to her sister-in-law and brother. Feeling out-of-place however doesn’t stop her from checking out the eye candy. When the focus of her attention starts weaving through the crowd to approach her, Jaye’s confidence falters.

Alex hasn’t ever seen a woman so beautiful. From her long legs to the mane of red hair being tamed into place by strategically placed pins, Alex sees everything he likes. His need for her almost seems otherworldly, a cataclysmic event he can’t deny.

Jaye agrees to a two week vacation, she has the time with her teenage son on a trip himself and her bookkeeping clients all handled. She doesn’t expect to fall hard for the notorious playboy with the hidden pain. How can she love someone who doesn’t know a hard days work?

Alex is more than just his family’s money. He may not know how he got here, but with Jaye by his side, he knows where he wants to go. He’s about to show her that love can break the social ranks. Being sensual and wanton has nothing to do with how much money you have.

The overall premise of the story is one we’ve all read time and time again. Rich, handsome guy falls for poor lady and tries to win her over by proving he is more than his money. The story really doesn’t branch out of that box for me. It was well wrote but it failed to effectively switch up the story to something new.

Jaye comes from a small town neighborhood and doesn’t believe herself worthy of anything long term with a man like Alex. She has a hard time believing he would even want a two week fling with her, let alone anything permanent. Her internal constant over-thinking could get a bit grating at times. There were times that it felt the story line was just a means to move from one sex scene to the next. I was hoping that Alex had some business ventures on the side and that Jaye would find out and see him in a different light. No such luck. I totally got his inner turmoil over the loss of his family, but couldn’t grasp how he basically did nothing everyday except handle his investments. I thought Bonnie could have added more on that front. At the very least we could have found out about his hobbies (like car collecting) to help give his character a few more layers.

It’s an extremely fast read and the sex scenes are scorchingly hot. Seriously, Bonnie can write a sex scene very, very well. Being what I would classify this as an erotic romance, Bonnie does excellent with this aspect. She is very descriptive and even if you’re having a hard time with the actual story line, the sex will set you on fire. She gives you an array of different scenarios to switch up the typical love scenes and that was refreshing.

I took issue with the very last page of the book. On the last page when everything is supposed to be mushy and romantic to close the story, Bonnie’s choice of words for Jaye were kinda a turn off. Maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me but I wasn’t liking it. I thought something more sweeter instead of brash would have went over better. Plus it felt like the ending was completely rushed, just wrote in as a means to a quick, happy ending. But, that’s just me.

I give Stroke of Midnight by Bonnie Edwards 2.75 stars!

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