My Twitter quest continues….


When you say something on Twitter, and no one answers you, does that mean you are talking to yourself? That is the question running through my brain this morning. I tend to do this a lot on Twitter unless I am responding to someone elses tweet. Even then, if they don’t reply, I am back to the same question. On Facebook this isn’t an issue because the only people on my list are friends that I know. So they respond to most of what I say or ask, as I do with them. However, Twitter is a bit different. These people don’t know me from a hole in a wall. A lot of people on my list are authors (both published and unpublished), editors, bloggers and agents. This is because I went through @JulieALindsey’s list and followed a lot of people she does. They all seem to be such a close-knit bunch. So much so that I have flashbacks to high school. I most definitely wasn’t a part of the “in crowd”. I refused to do backflips then and so I will refuse to do them now. I feel weird saying something to someone who is obviously talking to someone else. Though I have been told it’s okay to jump in. Still feels weird though. Not interrupting a conversation is the first rule of manners. My momma raised me right.

So since starting my Twitter quest I have found several people who I converse with. Obviously I don’t aspire to converse with everyone and I realize that a lot of people follow me because I follow them or they are just trying to build their own numbers. Some even think I am a author…HA that’s so laughable. Most of those that I talk to tend to be other bloggers. I need to find out what they know. They all have super cool blogs. I even added a few of my favorites to my blog roll, check them out! Though again, I don’t really aspire to be a big website anytime in the foreseeable future. I am content to write my daily blah blah blah’s. But how cool are they? They get books straight from authors and publishing companies to review…I find that so cool. I can’t imagine any author actually caring what I have to say. In fact when Cynthia Eden commented on the review I wrote about her book I almost fainted…seriously.

So there again, we are back to the question. Am I just talking to myself? Wouldn’t that make me crazy? Not that a realization that I may be crazy would surprise me. Acceptance is a wonderful thing.

So I guess I go back to talking to myself. Maybe some fellow crazies will find me among the masses. We can talk to ourselves in tandem.


  1. I’ve seen a lot of people ask that question on twitter…and I’m not sure what the answer is. I know for me, sometimes I just need to vent about work or annoying family members, & twitter is a great place to do it-and I don’t even care if someone replies back to stuff like that, but it still helps me feel better.

    Blogging is so much fun~I once got an email from a favorite author about a review I wrote & how it meant a lot because I liked the book on a day where someone trashed the same book I loved. (I saw the review-it was nasty.) I still have it saved-I’m such a nerd.

  2. OMG I feel exactly the same way. I said ages ago Twitter reminds me of high school and I wasn’t one of the cool kids then and I’m not one on Twitter now. You can definitely tell the cliques and who’s cool. I have made some great contacts on Twitter and people who I regularily converse with about things we have in commom.

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