Eve Silver Mini Interview and GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have a short interview with the super talented, and incredibly busy Eve Silver! Eve is a uber popular paranormal romance author I found last summer. I fell in love with her Otherkin Series almost immediately!

I am so excited that she took a few minutes out of her schedule to swing by for me! She is in the middle of an extremely tight deadline, so we won’t keep her long.

Hi Eve! Welcome! I will keep this short and sweet so you can get back to writing your AWESOME books!

The worlds you create (esp with the Otherkin Series) are so complex in hierarchy and richness…where do you get your inspiration?

Contract deadlines are great inspiration 😉 Just kidding. Sort of. Actually, knowing that I have a book due at a certain time is motivation to get working. But inspiration? That’s something else altogether.

One of the key inspirations for the Sins/Otherkin books was a question that was buzzing around in my head: what if the villains were the heroes? What if three guys who weren’t good or gallant or noble were put in the role of hero? Could I make them believable, relatable? Could I make readers love them?

Well, you had no trouble making me love them! I can imagine having a deadline looming would be plenty of inspiration….or in my case horrible writers block. I don’t deal well with deadlines. It’s no wonder I’m not a writer LOL.

What can we expect from you in the next year? What are you working on?

I’ve just finished revisions for BODY OF SIN, book four in the Sins/Otherkin series. (I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!) It will hit shelves in September 2011, and I’m super excited about it. For those who have read the three books in the trilogy, think of the last scene in Mal’s book, SINS OF THE FLESH, and you’ll know exactly who the hero of BODY OF SIN is. I won’t say more than that because I don’t want to offer any spoilers. I’ll just say that judging from the amount of reader emails I’ve received, this hero is going to make a lot of people happy.

Currently I’m working on book 5, and also playing with an unrelated project that I’m not quite ready to talk about yet.

OOOOO secrets! I love secrets! Tell me! We don’t have to share..shhhhhhhhh on the down low! No? Grr FINE, I will wait 🙂  I can’t wait for more Otherkin books! I’m happy to hear we have at least 2 more of them coming!

How do you complete your research since there was a lot of mythology in your Otherkin Series?

Once I started researching the various mythologies, I was sucked in and had a hard time stopping. Since the Underworld is a vast and complicated place with deities fighting for territory and mythologies intertwining, I found myself following the threads from Egyptian to Japanese to Norse to Greek mythology, and expanding to others beyond that, as well. I actually had the opportunity to view the Egyptian Book of the Dead up close and personal when it was on exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. I read books by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge and purchased my own copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead (Eva Von Dassow, editor). The wording of your question really made me think about my answer; you asked how I complete my research. That made me realize my research isn’t complete. I keep finding something new and awesome to read about.

I totally understand…it’s like learning, it’s never complete. I’d love to read the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I love any and all things mythology. And I especially love when authors weave in aspects of mythology into romance books. Though I must admit while I’m reading I Google a lot.

What would you say was the hardest book (of all of them) to write and why?

All the books I’ve written are both easy and hard. But one in particular jumps out, not in this series, but a stand alone historical suspense that was released in 2009: SEDUCED BY A STRANGER. That book was tough for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which was the subject matter. It delved into a very dark place (despite the pretty pink cover that suggests otherwise). I can’t say what that place was without spoiling the story, so I’ll just say that it was dark, indeed.

Well, now I need to check that one out. I enjoy historical books and dark is right up my creepy alley! Off to amazon…oooh, what? There’s one more question? Ok lol…sorry, I got excited!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A little over five years ago, I had just made my first sale and I attended my first Romance Writers of America conference. The luncheon speaker, Debbie Macomber, put a similar question to us, and even had us write our answers down. Some of my expectations were dead on. Others…not so much. In the years since, I’ve learned a bit about publishing, and one of the key things I’ve learned is to be flexible in my expectations. Where do I see myself in five years? Wherever life takes me, and hopefully enjoying the ride.

Ok everyone, Eve has to go back to writing…BUT…………


Eve is going to give away a paperback copy of SINS OF THE FLESH..which is the 3rd book in her Otherkin series…Mal’s story. This contest is open to North American residents ONLY. Just leave a comment to enter! Open until Friday January 21st and winner announced Saturday January 22nd.

Thanks so much for stopping by Eve! I truly appreciate it!


National bestselling author Eve Silver has been praised for her “edgy, steamy, action-packed” books, darkly sexy heroes and take-charge heroines. Her work has garnered starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, plus two RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Awards, and in 2007 she received Library Journal’s Best Genre Fiction Award.

Eve lives with her husband, two sons, an energetic Airedale terrier and an exuberant border collie/shepherd.

Find Eve on her website and on Twitter


  1. Love love love the otherkin…the brothers are my type of bad boys. I stayed up all night reading sins of the flesh. Dae is still my favorite but Mal is a close second!

  2. Awesome contest! I love those covers! There is something to be said about a series that can tie itself together using the titles – I always love it when that happens! Thanks for the mini interview – I have to grab that standalone next time I am at the book store …

    apereiraorama @ gmail.com

  3. Ohhh, I loved this interview! Props! I’m familiar with Eves books and major fan as well. I haven’t had a chance to read Sins of The Flesh yet so I would love a chance to win! *woo* 🙂
    I’d recommend Seduced by A Stranger– it was a great read 😉


  4. Hi Eve!
    These books look awesome and it sounds like the stories are even better:) I’ve got these books on my wishlist for sure! I love hearing more about mythology and I’m so glad you’ve incorporated your research into the books.


  5. I have finished the first 3 books in this series and cannot wait until Sept for book 4. Eve’s writing style takes you on the journey with her characters and the Underworld is a fascnating place to visit.

  6. Great interview, I haven’t read the book yet but plainning to do that soon. When I saw this series and the cover of ur book just def pull me in and make me want to read the hole series. I have a goal this year and it is to read 150 books before 2012 and ur series is on top of the list. Can’t wait to read them.

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