Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Chicago Stars #2)

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Type: Novel

Publisher: Avon

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Review by Danielle ( @lush26 )

It’s Gracie Snow’s job as a new motion picture production assistant to get the legendary ex-football player, Bobby Tom Denton, back to his Texas hometown to begin shooting his first movie.

Good luck with that.

“There’s been a terrible misunderstanding, Mr. Denton. Can’t you see that I don’t look like a stripper?” Gracie snatched up her suit jacket. “Please. Could we go somewhere private to talk?”

Bobby Tom sighed and uncoiled from his chair. “I s’pose we’d better. But you’ve got to give me your word you’ll keep your clothes on. It wouldn’t be fair for me to see you naked when my party guests can’t.”

“I promise, Mr. Denton, that you will never see me naked.”

He looked doubtful. “I don’t mean to question your good intentions, honey, but judging from my past history, it might not be that easy for you to resist.”

A head-spinning battle of the sexes—with Beauty waging war against Brain—except this male beauty has a fine intelligence, and brainy Gracie isn’t nearly as ordinary as she thinks.

I am in love with Bobby Tom!!! So far in the series this is my favorite book and it’s only number two. *grins*

Heaven, Texas is book two in the Chicago Stars series. Gracie Snow, as she puts it, is a homely woman who has recently been given a chance to prove herself with a movie company and was given the difficult task of getting Bobby Tom Denton down to Texas to film a movie.

Bobby Tom is a former pro football player who had to retire because of a knee injury. At 33 years old he feels lost because football had always been his world. What is he to do now? This movie he is supposed to star in doesn’t seem to appeal to him as much as he had hoped. Not only is Bobby Tom egotistical, selfish, and insensitive guy but he is also charming, sweet, charitable and to top it off an overall nice guy. Conundrum.

Needless to say, I loved it!! Bobby Tom could be my boyfriend any day. I loved every part of this humorous, yet emotional story. They make a very interesting couple. So, yes opposites do attract. When things don’t go his way it ends up driving their relationship to an almost breaking point. Bobby Tom ends up doing some really stupid things. There were times I loved him to pieces and then times I just wanted to knock some serious sense into him, but then I realized that he can’t help it. It takes him a lot longer to understand the emotional parts but Gracie, on the other hand, is the absolute opposite and thinks there is no way a guy like him could fall for a girl like her.

I found it funny that all these woman want to be Mrs. Bobby Tom Denton. What was funnier is that Bobby Tom actually asks these woman 5 questions and if they answer them right they get the chance to be his wife. My favorite part was when he finally asks Gracie the 5 questions football quiz.

There is a  secondary romance for Bobby Tom’s mom with Way Sawyer. It’s really sweet!!

The story was great. You can connect with the characters in so many different aspects and that truly made the book for me. Phillips brings humor along with the sex, drama and romance to her writing. I am looking forward to finishing this wonderful series and this is a romance you can’t forget.


Danielle gives Heaven, Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 4 stars!

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