The Book is Better When it’s Highlighted

Before I start my ramble, I’d like to point out that I am on steroids and painkillers for a lung infection I somehow managed to get. This means pretty much no work for me this week. Also means rent will be later than normal because I had to shell out $200 to fix a car window on hubs car that got bashed in a few days ago. Damn punk ass kids. Yay us.

I don’t use Ebay very often. I’ve had an account for about 8 years I think, and have only made 50 purchases in that time. I only use ebay if I happen to need something that I can’t find anywhere else. For the most part I feel Ebay sellers jack the prices up on everything and call it a “deal”. Then on top of their “deal” I have to pay shipping. No thanks.

I had 10.40 (why .40?) in Ebay bucks from opening a second acct through paypal last month. I need to use it and thought I would put it towards a series of books I had been wanting to try. I went through a seller that had GREAT feedback…but even those people make mistakes. We are all human. No biggie.

I got my trilogy wrote by Lauren Dane in the mail yesterday. Two of the books are completely fine. The first book in the trilogy, Laid Bare, has writing EVERYWHERE in it. Someone seriously went through the entire book and highlighted in green crayon every single part that had anything to do with sex. They also turned down the pages at the corners.

My camera phone sucks, sorry best picture I could get

Now, what in the world would possess someone to do this? Were they looking for easy reference if they got lost during a foray with their husband?  Was it a grandma highlighting which pages she needed to rip out before she could read the story to her satisfaction? Was it a teenage boy looking for the good parts to take into the bathroom with him? WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE?

Now remember, I’m on painkillers and upon seeing it I burst into giggles that eventually made me start crying. I was laughing hysterically. While the inner workings of my mind were screaming….yeah I need to contact the seller. I did end up emailing her and she’s extremely nice. Seems she had two copies and placed the wrong one in the box. Mistakes happen. I think we have the details all worked out at this point and I’m happy with the outcome. She will get positive feedback.

So now I have this book…which I may or may not replace. I dunno. Not sure I can read it with green crayon everywhere. If you know Lauren Dane then you know there is a LOT of green.

Everything is better with a green crayon right? You know…that IS the horny color. Thanks to whoever did this, because now I know the parts where I should be.


  1. Aww Niki even sick you manage to crack me up! I do hope you feel better soon and are back on your feet. Till then happy reading, in whatever color the books are in!
    take care

  2. So I have to say that you have a very interesting life. First, the church lady dinner w/ the pin her dress and now a green crayon highlighted romance. You def keep it interesting and next time I’m in your area, we soooooo need to grab coffee. Has your cousin ever thought about writing a character based on you because I think she would have tons of material. No wait, scratch that. I’ll do it. Neurotic Mind of an Apartment Manager! Dibs!

    1. Sometimes I think I was created just so God would have someone to screw with for his enjoyment. I could be like the heavenly jester…trying to make him laugh is my goal.

      I swear this stuff doesn’t happen to other people. And if it does they are just to embarrassed to talk about it. Good thing I don’t seem to have that set back. I’m here for your enjoyment. Won’t be long till something else happens that is completely insane.

      Hopefully I won’t be on meds then…I giggle way to much right now.

  3. That is hysterical…but I will admit to taking some of my parents’ books when I was a kid and folding back pages of the racier scenes to read again on the sly (not that they read erotica…we’re talking James Michener – ha!)

    What a horny little teenager I was, huh?

    Thank God they never tried to sell their copy of Hawaii on Ebay…

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