Lucas & Kane a 2-fer Book Review by Eliza Gayle


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Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books

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This is the first book in the Black Cougar series and our first look into the Guardian family these three brothers make up. Their clan has been around for centuries and they don’t play well with others. That’s fine for Lucas because he takes his job as clan Guardian very seriously. But he is in trouble. Captured and held in a cell, he has only his dreams of a gorgeous human to keep him sane. That human, Kira, isn’t exactly normal either. She is a telepath and upon the sharing of erotic dreams she knows she must find him. Whoever he is.

Busting Lucas out isn’t Kira’s main priority but her military training insists she go in after an innocent. What she finds is a completely untrusting, mean hulk of a man. Her treacherous body reacts him to him instantly and what follows is an erotic tale of earning trust.


I enjoyed Lucas because it was a short and easy read. There is plenty of action to keep your mind racing and sex to keep your emotions occupied. Eliza writes with a vividness and completeness. I loved Lucas’ alpha attitude and the softening of his character as his affection for Kira grew.

Since Kira had intense military training she was not a soft character. Though merely human she can handle herself through most situations. Her internal warring was lively and left me wanting to tell her to believe in herself and in Lucas.

I had issues with the one scene that involved the sharing of Kira by Lucas and Kane. I am totally all for menage but I have issues with brothers (or sisters for that matter) sharing someone (esp at the same time). That’s one accidental crossing of the swords away from incest in my mind. Having said that, Eliza did work it into the story line so there was a reason but still…

The threat in the book could have been larger but overall I enjoyed the concept and execution of this first installment.

I give Lucas by Eliza Gayle 3 stars!





Available: Now

Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books

My Copy: Sent by author


Kane didn’t plan on being thrust into the role of Guardian of his clan. With both of his brothers exiled from the clan he was the only blood cougar left to take the position. His first order of business is the death warrant of the witch that tried to kill his brother and mate. Lara. Tracking her isn’t the problem, it’s the emotions the fiery witch evokes in him that cause him to pause.

Lara wants revenge. Revenge for the wrongful death of her mother when she was a child. She has come so far and at last she has a black cougar in her sight. Falling for Kane isn’t something she wants but the powerful mating pull is strong and even she can’t resist that big kitty’s tongue for long.


I enjoyed Kane more than Lucas. The storyline was much stronger and got much more invested in this one. Something about Kane spoke to me. He seemed much more loving to me then Lucas did and I enjoyed that emotional aspect. The connection seemed much deeper.

Lara’s character in this book has more layers then we saw in the first installment. We understand now what drives her and Eliza makes you feel for her on a deeper level. Her revenge is totally justified and her prior actions now make much more sense.

After reading Kane, I can’t wait till I can see what happens with the last brother, Malcolm. Malcolm is the “bad boy” brother. The one with “issues”. Generally the one with issues is my favorite. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

I give Kane by Eliza Gayle 3.75 stars!

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