The Chunky Chronicles #2

I failed miserably this week. Completely and utterly failed to the point that I do not want to get on the scale. The middle of last week I noticed that my shoulder was really hurting. I had just started working out and so I thought I just had sore muscles like I always do when beginning a workout program. By Friday I was having trouble breathing in without getting a sharp stab of pain down my left side. On Sunday I went to the immediate care center and found out I had a lung infection called pleurisy. Apparently that sore shoulder is the first warning sign of this type of infection. What?! That’s odd to me.

I was put on steroids and a painkiller. Now, I always imagined steroids would make me want to throw a car across the street or bash someones face in. That’s why athletes take them right? Yea, well not me…oh no, I have to be different. They make me exhausted and sick to my stomach. Good to know if I ever want to become a female body builder without putting all the work into it. So my week has routinely consisted of me sitting on my ass watching tv. No cooking either which meant hubby brought me fast food several times. Failed Failed Failed.

I am nearing the end of my steroid use but I’m still having some issues with endurance. I got winded a couple days ago coming up the basement stairs with a basket of laundry. Seriously?

I got a workout in last night and I did manage to do a 45min cardio, though not up to the speed I normally do it. I’m sluggish and weak. Beating myself up constantly…nice huh. Ugly truth of my personality right here….

I’m bummed and mad at the same time. I hate having setbacks and I hate being sick.

Starting Weight – 157.9

Ending Weight – I refuse to post it. It went up ok. 🙁


  1. Don’t get down on yourself! You were sick! And they put you on steroids, which can lead to weight gain! Last week is over & done with; its a new week & success is waiting for you! Good luck this week!

  2. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Stuff like getting sick happens. The important thing is to take care of yourself so that you can get back on the proverbial exercise horse. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hiya Nikki!

    Sounds like you had a rough week physically, emotionally and mentally. You need to let your body heal or you won’t have the partner to lose the weight with. I know how it feels to have a bad week. Believe me. Try to see this weight loss journey your on as exactly that. A journey that will have huge mountains to climb and aweseome valleys to coast. Get your head in the game, don’t beat yourself up and look at the beautiful woman that you are. You don’t have to like where your at with your body but it is yours and I wish that you could see the positive in it. It’s made it easier for me to say goodbye to the weight I have on me now. You can do it. I know you can, but you need to let your body heal and take time to get back on your feet. Just think it gives you more time to read an post awesome book reviews!

    check out this post I wrote.

    I challenge you to do the same. 😉

    hugs across the miles!

  4. Oh girl, if I could crawl through your computer screen and shake you REALLY hard, I would do it lol. You were really sick and doped up (still funny by the way) so how can you POSSIBLY feel like YOU failed? Be frustrated with the situation, but not with yourself. Just put this week behind you and focus on what’s coming next. {{{HUGS}}}

  5. Thanks ladies. It’s hard. I try my best to keep a positive attitude but I’m shaken very quickly. Plus I think coming down off those damn steroids is messing with my brain. I worked out yesterday and I will workout later today as well. Hopefully I get 4 or 5 workouts in this week.

  6. Nikki, steroids are amazingly good drugs when you really need them, but they make you seriously hungry as well as put on instant liquid weight. When you go off them those extra lbs will go with them.
    I know this from all my body building days (haha)!
    But really… It will pass, just get better first! You can’t excersize if you can’t breathe, breathe first!

  7. ahh sorry you were sick and I know how you feel. I’ve been fighting for what seems like the last 2 months a sore throat and cough and stuffed up head and it totally sucks. Feel not bad for a couple of days, then exhausted. I hate it and it’s totally messing with my schedule. Hope you feel better soon

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