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Well now I’ve gone and done it. I changed the look of my blog…as you can tell, I hope. However, in doing that it opened up a big door of crap. Literally things disappeared, links popped up that weren’t there before and a bunch of general strangeness abounded. So, for the past several hours I have been sitting here trying to keep it together and not flip out. Using the very last bit of patience I have (hey, it’s the end of the day) to try to salvage my blog and make it look at least halfway presentable.

This all started when I saw this super cool carousel thingie on a bunch of other blogs I stalk, er visit. It goes around and shows the viewer what books someone wants, whats on their “to be read” pile, what they just finished….whatever. I wanted it very very badly. So I managed to put one together and then nothing, nada, zilch. Couldn’t figure out how to put it on my page. After at least an hour I see a teeny tiny sentence at the bottom that states:  “can not be used on wordpress.com due to security reasons” WHAT??!! Grr! Ok, so I had wasted an hour. In the process of putting an entire paragraph of code about 20 different places on my blog trying to get it to work, I had manged to erase some crucial pieces of information. Go figure. So I basically started from scratch. I now have a shiny new background and two new columns. I even added my own dang “to be read” column. It may not be a super cool carousel, but it’s mine. Whatever. No, I am not bitter. Ok, maybe just a little. It is SUPER COOL. This is why I stay off other people’s blogs. They have DOMAINS. I have a tiny wordpress site. They have pages and contests and pretty little things everywhere. I have this, HA. It took me at least 30 min to figure out how to put the “about me” page up with a picture. Having a blog should come with some large amounts of St John’s Wort or some other antidepressant. I seriously need it. I am vowing to leave the blog alone and not to try to add shiny, super cool widgets from now on. Ok, no I’m not. Next week I guarantee you will be reading something entirely similar to this after I once again “visit” someone blog and find something cool I want on here.

Maybe I can write a “How to Blog For Dummies” book….


    1. Nope never heard of Leelous…does this surprise you? It really shouldn’t LOL. I will check it out though and see whats what. The problem seems to lie in that this is wordpress.com and not wordpress.org. Whatever, if it comes down to it, I kinda like my wood theme…get it? Wood? Romance? HAHAHAHAHA, ok maybe its just me….

  1. HAHAHAH…oops sorry I’m not laughing at you, but I am laughing with you! I feel your pain having experienced it myself. I just changed my own blog layout/design this week after much trepidation. The last time I made changes was disatrous. Good job!

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