This Heart Of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (Chicago Stars #5)

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Type: Novel

Publisher: Avon

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Review by Danielle ( @lush26 )

Molly Somerville knows she has a reputation for trouble. She did give away her fifteen-million-dollar inheritance, but, hey, nobody’s perfect. Still, if anyone has an almost perfect life, it’s Molly. While her Daphne the Bunny children’s books could be selling better, she loves her cramped loft, her French poodle, and her career creating the fictional animals who live in Nightingale Woods.She even loves her sister, Phoebe. True, it was a little tough growing up in her shadow. Phoebe is beautiful, blissfully married, and the owner of the most successful professional football team in America. But who other than your sister knows you’re about to do something drastic every time you change your hair? Yes, Molly’s happy about almost everything … except her long-term crush on the daredevil quarterback for the Chicago Stars, that awful, gorgeous Kevin Tucker, a man who can’t even remember her name! One night Molly’s penchant for running into trouble runs right into Kevin himself, turning her world upside down. Heartbreak follows, and just when she’s certain things can’t get worse, Kevin forces his way back into her life. If only the overpaid, Ferrari-driving, poodle-hating jock was as shallow as she wants him to be, she could get on with her almost perfect life. But Kevin’s hidden depths and iron will propel Molly out of her comfortable existence into an unforgettable summer at a place called Wind Lake. Surrounded by paintbox cottages and a charming old bed-and-breakfast, she and Kevin battle their attraction while trying to cope with an aging sexpot actress, a cranky world-famous artist, and a pair of teenage newlyweds.

Their careers and lives are in crisis … yet they can’t seem to stay away from each other. Before the summer is over, will they be able to learn one of life’s most important lessons? Sometimes falling in love hurts, sometimes it makes you mad as hell, and sometimes if you’re very lucky it can heal in the most special and unexpected way.

I could never get bored with the Chicago Star series. It’s one great book after another. This book has everything that makes a great romance and more.

Molly and Kevin’s story is a real fascinating one. The journey on how they got there is not a easy.I thought it was sweet that they finally found what they needed in each other. At first glance, Molly and Kevin couldn’t be further apart from one another if they tried. A children’s books author, her character is closely linked with Kevin’s escapades over the years, Molly has had a huge crush on Kevin as long as she can remember. Not that football jock Kevin even knew she existed. With the continuous string of the doll faced women with no brains of their own that parade through his life, Kevin seems to be at the top of his game but how quickly Molly will knock him off.

Molly tends to hold onto a streak that has got her into trouble in the past. This is how she ends up in Kevin’s bed, seducing him in his sleep and an outraged Kevin gets rightfully upset about being taken advantage of. Kevin makes Molly promise to him that if there ever were consequences of their coming together she would let him know, which of course Molly doesn’t when she finds herself pregnant with Kevin’s baby. Finding out turns Kevin’s’ world up side down.

After getting married, Molly suffers a miscarriage which quickly spins her world in a downward spiral. Kevin who shakes her out of depression, takes her off on a trip to Wind Lake, and she finds herself running the quaint bed and breakfast that Kevin inherits from his aunt which Kevin wants nothing to do with. Kevin and Molly finally find friendship, and finally give in to their desire.

I think I might have liked Kevin too much. I could connect to both of them and I really enjoyed this fabulous journey. With so many ups and downs and the funny playful moments to keep you locked to it. I really liked the part about those Daphne books Molly was writing. That was really cute and creative and showed how much he actually meant to her.

The characters are so lovable. This book just happens to be witty and adorable. Highly recommended for those who love a good romance with a witty cast of characters that could make you laugh and fill you up with plenty of emotions. Funny and heartwarming, this is must read for romance lovers.

Danielle gives This Heart Of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips 4 stars!

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