The Chunky Chronicles #3

Welcome to another week of “Nikki is a human slug”. I stopped my steroid meds about a week ago and did manage to workout a few times this week. In fact on Thursday I busted out 50 minutes worth of cardio and 35 minutes of some weight training. And WOW am I sore!  So, I did workout, but only 3 times which is one day short of the 4 days I went for. But that’s okay….it is. Next week will be better I hope. *Cringing*

I’m really struggling with my motivation. It seems to come and go. I should be thankful I even worked out 3 days because believe me, I sure didn’t want to. There are days I’m totally gung ho about doing something. Then there are days I feel so tired for no reason. I can’t blame it on anything medical because I’ve been checked for low blood sugar, iron deficiency, anemia and thyroid issues. All of which come back fine. Nope, I’m just TIRED. Maybe its the weather, maybe its the short days, maybe it’s just me LOL.

I also find it suspicious that I am usually more inclined to workout if I’ve had to look at myself in a mirror from the waist down, had a bad eating day, tried on clothes…..or spent time with the hubby (*hint hint*).  Am I alone in this? Does having to stare at myself drive me to workout? And in which case should I do it more often as punishment?

Next week is a new week. I will once again try my hardest to work up the motivation to look better in a thong 🙂 I will try to eat less and add better foods. I will workout one more day for a total of 4 days. I will lift weights at least one of those days. I will NOT gain.

Weight stayed the same this week. Stuck forever at 162.


  1. I’m going to go get on the treadmill now! Thanks for the motivation! I know what you mean about looking at yourself from the waist down, and being with hubby!!! Also, when my clothes are tight!

    Good luck!

  2. You’re definitely not alone when you talk about how looking at yourself, trying on clothes, etc motivates you to workout. I’m the same way, but I consider it progress. I used to look at myself, get depressed/angry and dive into a bucket of ice cream lol.
    I wouldn’t say that making time to really look at yourself should be seen as a punishment though, especially if you can channel that energy into working out and making positive changes. It’s not easy to stay motivated, but you CAN do it.
    I love your goals for next week by the way. I also see that you and I are stuck at the same weight together lol. How about we kick 162 right square in the ass and then stomp on it when it’s down?

  3. I feel ya! I have those days all the time and trust, it gets better. I myself have recently (since Sept) started training for 10Ks and marathons. I know, why toture myself but once I found a few friends to run and train with I’m much more motivated because I’m not just letting myself down but my team mates. Plus, I have to pay to enter these runs and that’s a big motivator. Good luck!

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