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I love authors. Who I started out reading has quickly morphed into many additional authors within the last few months. I blame Twitter and Facebook for my newest plight. I especially love those authors who actually connect with their readers. Before social media the only chance you might have to connect with anyone you read would be to go stand in some long line hoping to get 5 seconds of their time and an autograph. Now there is ONLINE.


Not that it was an option where I live, which is in the heartland of Ohio. I’m at least forty minutes from anywhere a decent author would be signing anything. Now I don’t even have to leave my house, not that I wouldn’t if someone came to somewhere near me. *HINT HINT*

I have found that I tend to pick up books lately whose authors I have spoken to on Twitter. Those who have taken the time to answer people’s questions or go to other people’s blogs. I know personally I have had two authors on this blog and each time I was ecstatic. That they would take the time to acknowledge anything I wrote amazes me. Especially since these two particular authors are at the very top of my list. These are the authors that I knock people over to get to the display on the day the books come out. You get my drift, they are my favorite.

I wonder why more authors don’t follow suite? It seems to me you would want to connect with your readers. Get a feel for what they like and don’t like. There are some very awesome authors, whose work I love, but they just seem so aloof and impersonal. They don’t have any type of social media and their websites seem very proper (for lack of a better word). Like someone in their publishing house put it online and they have no interactions with it.  They just write their bestsellers and that is that. It doesn’t mean that I won’t read their books, because I certainly will. There are several authors I would stand in line for hours for my five seconds with them. It’s just nice to be able to connect with people on a personal level. Times have definitely changed.

I wonder if it’s a status thing? Maybe these authors feel they are so popular already that they don’t need to do any interacting. They are household names. People buy their books on the name alone. Maybe they are so busy writing that they simply don’t have time. Both understandable, certainly. Having said that however, I was recently in Borders and only had money to buy one book. After perusing the shelves for at least an hour I had it narrowed down to two books. One by my standby favorite author and one by an author who I have spoken to in an online chat and on a social media site. Guess whose I bought? I ended up choosing the author who I had personally spoken to. Why? Because I felt a connection with her.

Twitter has turned me on to so many new authors. Some are just starting out and only have a few novellas. Others have been writing for years, but somehow I just hadn’t heard of them. How is it possible that for years I was only reading romance from one author? The array of writing styles and different romance genres are so expansive. Now I have a whole list of people I connect with on a daily basis.

So I guess this is my point. It’s not that I won’t still read books from my favorite author, it’s just that she won’t be the one I’m rushing out to spend my money on. Given the choice, I will buy first from the person I feel a connection with.

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  1. Totally agree that authors have been awesome at responding to me on twitter and some have definitely become auto-buys. I remeber the first time an author I adore responded to my tweet to her – I was over the moon and let out a little fan firl *squeeeeee*.

    I love the personal, interaction I now have with authors to see what they are watching on TV, or reading or listening to on the radio. It’s so much fun and more and more authors are jumping on the bandwagon.

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